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Benefits of endurance training

The following are the benefits of endurance training if followed on a moderate scale:
1. There is an increase in the size and number of mitochondria by up to 5% over a half-year period.
2. The size of fast twitch muscle fibers gets increased which means the amount of force you can exert increases. In other words, hypertrophy increases
3. Oxygen, lactates, fatty acids are more efficiently transported after exercising for just 10 days.
4. Capillary density shows an increase over a three month period. This results in effective transportation.
5. More blood is pumped per heartbeat since stroke volume increases.
6. The joints and ligaments of the body get strengthened. This helps in prevention of injuries due to increase in strain.
7. Thermoregulation of the body receives a boost from endurance training.
8. There is a significant increase in the enzyme activity in mitochondrial pathways after doing endurance training.
9. Gluconeogenesis is the conversion of amino acids, lactates and glycerol into glucose by the liver and then releasing it into the bloodstream or storing it as glycogen. This is important for providing fuel to the brain. Endurance training enhances the rate of gluconeogenesis.
10. The storage amount of intramuscular triglycerides and glycogen is considerably increased.
11. The contraction and relaxation of muscles is facilitated much more easily i.e. neuro-muscular facilitation increases.
12. Endurance training helps in increasing the efficiency of circulatory and cardio-respiratory development.

With continuous training, more energy is provided from fat stores rather than muscle glycogen or glucose (from blood). This results in the utilization of the glucose by the nervous system which is sorely needed by it. Consequently, the muscles can be used for longer periods now. Now, while exercising, instead of getting fatigued in minutes you can endure it for more than a couple of hours. A distinction has to be made by the athletes regarding the purpose of the endurance training. Whether it is for the purpose of increasing endurance or for improving body composition will determine the benefits that can be reaped by the athlete. Both require different routines and diet and training for one while actual goal being the other would actually lead to body damage. Hence, it is crucial to focus on your training regimen and goals and become efficient in your methods.It is also advisable to remember that a training program that has benefits can cause harm if it becomes repetitive or you overdo it.


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