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Emo rangers

You have probably heard about MTV, which has well known shows like “Viva La Bam” and “Celebrity Death Match.” MTV UK has a new show which is a parody of the famous television program, “Power Rangers”. This new show is called Emo Rangers, under the direction of Nick Pittom and Chris Phillips. On the other hand, the sound design is headed by Dominic Sinacola.

Emo Rangers has its early beginnings as a project (fan-film). It has been distributed on Google Video, Myspace, and YouTube. During 2006, MTV UK picked this up and developed it into a television show, which has also worked its way to MTV US. A specific date for its release is yet to be declared. On the other hand, its directors stated that they want to release DVD copies of this show.

Emo Rangers runs on a low budget. This is the reason why most of its scenes have been filmed with the use of a camcorder. It is edited with the help of Adobe After Effects, through an old PC. Its CGI is designed in 3D Studio Max. During the first series, the black suit of the characters are created out from skin tight lycra. Their helmets and other props come from paper mache. The voice dialog is recorded at the studio of Mike Curtis, who is also the one who provided the theme music.

The cast of main characters of Emo Rangers are the following:
Ross (The Introspective Emo Ranger) – he is the leader of the group. He wears a black and white suit, which has an emo hairstyle (white), and sagging pants. He is characterized as a teenager who spends most of his day thinking about his death, and the death of the world.

John (Chronic Stoner) – he is known as a confused and pessimistic drug user. He wears a black and green suit, and his vizor is a Cannabis leaf.

Vicken (Weeping Tears) – she is known as the pessimistic and depressed Emo Ranger. She frequently cries, even at the tiniest things, and the poetry that she writes is rubbish. She wears a black and yellow suit, which has a teardrop symbol.

Luke (Chaos Mohawk) – he is a youth who is cynical and an anticapitalist, with his youthful actions as among his high qualities. He wears a black and red suit, and dons a large Mohawk haircut.

Stef (Bleeding Heart) – she is seen as a pessimistic teenager. Her boyfriend dumped her in front of their entire school. Her anger over this incident is her source of power.

Fai (Fashioncore) – she is the fashionable and well known Emo Ranger. She wears a black and purple suit, and dons a purple hairstyle which is applied with too much gel.

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  1. I love the Emorangers!!!!!! They rock! I am definatly Vicken and Stef.

    Comment by Callie Lynne | April 3, 2008 | Reply

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