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Afl 2007

Since it came into existence AFL has always been a very important sports body in Australia. AFL or Australian football leagues is known for it numerous and great variety of players and also for its public popularity. Australian football league AFL includes many different clubs from all over the Australia. Normally each state has its own club. These clubs play friendly matches against each other. The spirit of the game is always worth watching. From the fans to the players every single person is truly involved in the game. The matches are broadcasted throughout the world using satellite channels. AFL is not only famous in Australia but also among other nations. It is known as a very good football league throughout the world. People from other countries who have love for football respect AFL and watch the broadcast live. The players are not only known in Australia but they are also role models for their international fans around the world. it is not necessary that each state must have one team at time. In fact each state has more then one team.

It all started in 1897 when AFL which was known as VFL at that time was formed. In the start there were only 8 teams from all over Australia. During the last century AFL began to increase and expand its worth in the country sports everyday. The year 2007 has been regarded as a very hectic and a very busy year for the league. A lot of matches were scheduled for this year. In total there have been total of 22 rounds performed all over the country. In a round different teams from different clubs face each other in the friendly matches. Round 1-5 were played during the months of March to April while round 6-9 were played in May alone. Likewise round 10-17 were played between the months of June to July. Finally round 18-22 were and still are being played from August to September.

The results for the 2007 season are very interesting. “Geelong cats” are at the first position. They have played 22 matches in total and have won 18 while they lost four. On second are the port Adelaide power. They have also played 22 matches, won 15 and lost 7 matches. On third are the west cost eagles. They played 22, won 15 and lost 7 as well. During 2007 dozens of the player have retired from the league and many have joined it. More contracts have Benn given to the television channels for broadcasting the matches. On the whole 2007 is proving to be a good year for the league.


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Afl australia

The Australian football league or AFL as it is known is the biggest and one of the most known football league in the world. It has a lot of teams playing in it. There are teams from all over the Australia which make up the AFL (Australian football league). These teams are from the nine clubs which are from all the states of Australia. These teams play friendly matches with each other for their practice and otherwise. Australian football league was formed in late eighteenth century. It kept growing. The love for the football in the Australian region is known to exist since the fifteenth century. This game was not called football in those times. Football is a very unique game. Even though the word foot is used in it and it makes one think that the game is played with the help of a foot but that is the case with soccer and not football. Football is basically played by holding the ball in your hands and passing it to your partner or team mate. Football is the game where both hands and legs are used to pass on the ball to your team mates on the field. There are in total 16 players on the field at any time. No team is allowed to exceed this limit. There can not be more then 16 players on the field at any time. Football is the game which is part of life of every Australian. Football has been played in Australia since last one century. Every single person in the country is a fan of the football. It is not only popular among adults only but is also played by the kids. There are camps throughout the country for fewer than sixteen kids who like to play football.

AFL or the Australian football league is the oldest and the most popular league of football in Australia. It is affiliated with ARF (Australian Rules football). It is considered as the strongest and the most powerful football league in world. The league has numerous titles that it has claimed in the past. Australian football league has nine clubs which are from all over Australia. There are about 16 teams which come under the Australian football league. This league is indeed the most popular and the most known league in Australia and many people are die hard fans of this league. It is as popular outside the Australia as it is in the country.


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Afl results

AFL has a great history, which started back in 1858 when Melbourne football club was formed by Tom Wills, when he actually started to make codes for Melbourne football club. After that in 1896 when Victorian football association was formed, which was the first Australian rules championship. Foundation clubs played against each other, following were the clubs

St Kilda
South Melbourne

Essendon was the vary first team to win the VFL (Victorian football league)

In the beginning of the VFL, after when the VFL established itself as premiership competition, Fitzroy and Collingwood were the most dominant teams. But by the mid nineteen hundreds, Carlton went to the top seat, and stayed on top and had registered three cups in there names which started in 1906 and ended in 1908.

In 1908 there was some addition in the premiership, when some more competitive teams joined the premiership; the two teams were Richmond and University. Richmond did good after they had a slow start in the Australian league whereas the University still couldn’t produce good effective results.

Richmond the new comers registered the cup in there name, in 1920 and 1921, but Essendon who were the flag holders since 1912 came back in action and became the top rank team as it was before in the start of VFL the period from 1922 to 1926 belonged to Essendon.

In 1925 there was some more addition to VFL, Footscray they are now known as Western Bulldogs, Hawthorn and North Melbourne now known as the Kangaroos.

The VFL was renamed to Australian Football league AFL, in 1990. It was a step towards the National Competition. Collingwood won the inaugural AFL premiership in 1990. Collingwood has played brilliantly over the past years, in years 1960,1964,1966,1970,1977,1979,1980 and 1981 Collingwood was just one the edge of victory, but could not take the cup home. by this time Collingwood had played 36 Grand finals, which Is just under the mark of 40% of all the Grand finals, ever been played.

In 1991 the grand final was played between non Victorian team, which happened for the first time in history of AFL/VFL. Hawthorn outclassed West Coast Eagles in grand final.In 1992 West Coast eagles became the Victorians by defeating Geelong. Since 2001 the non Victorian teams did not do that good in there games, for the first time in history Brisbane Lions won premiership, till 2002.


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Afl ladder

As every other game in the World AFL, Australian football league also has its ranking table, or the points table which determines the position every team, after when all the teams have played there games. In the last season which was premiership season, 2007. Geelong team stood first on the ladder with 72 points, 153 %, 1664 against , 2542 For, lost 4, drawn 0, won 18 and the total number of games played was 22.
Port Adelaide stood second on the ladder with 60 points and the number of matches won was 15.

In Australia the themed rounds have become very popular, no matter what the team is and what ranking it has on the ladder. There are themes such as rivalry round, in which traditional rivals would have to play against each other. Some times these matched are been played on occasions, regardless of ladder position of the rivals.

In every game in the world there has to be a ladder to define the status of the tournament. A person who does not follow a game season, he would be much more convenient in order to have a look on to the points table/ladder. This saves the time which he wanted to save and he would be able to get a complete and a clear picture of the season that what is really going on with all the teams.

In Australian football league table, there is mention of everything init, even the goals scored by one team, and how much goals others scored on that particular team. For every season there are twenty two ladders, as every season is compromised of twenty two rounds. So at the end of the season, all the ladders are combined to make one, which would describe the winning team and then the runners up, till then end.

In 2006 AFL season, West coast eagles stood top in ranking. They had 68 points at the end of the season, with 120.44 %, had goals against them 1874, they scored 2257, zero games were drawn, five games were lost, they won seventeen games, out of twenty two. Adelaide Crows finished second in 2006 session, they had 64 points, 16 wins and 6 games were lost.

in AFL ladder, the first eight teams which finish up at the end of the season are considered to be one of the best teams as compared to rest of the below rankings.


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Afl dream team

Just like every other game in the World, every team has a player which performs at his best in every match. Even if he does not perform in every match, he is said to be the best performer or the top star just because of the fact that the person did perform in the past. It’s just like a trademark which a player gets after getting the applause from media and fans.

For instance in soccer, David Beckham is known as a great player. So in order to have a dream team, all the top performers from different teams are placed in one team, which is said to be the dream team. As all the rising stars of that particular game are in just on team, regardless of which
Nation they play for.

In every sport, a dream team is made normally at the end of the year by evaluating the performance of all the players of all the teams. In the similar manner AFL dream team or footy fantasy is also made, based upon the matches during the AFL season of every year. Every player for dream team is selected on the basis of the points given to the every player at the end of every match.

In most of the dream team competitions a player gains or looses points on the following basis,

Handball is 2 points
Kick is three points
Mark is 3 points
Tackle is 4 points
Free kick for is 1 point
Free kick against is -3 points
Hit outs is 1 point
Goal is 6 points
Behind is 1 point.

Every players score is then added up, for the matches on a week and then it’s all summed up to calculate the total points of the particular team. This is the criteria of calculating the dream team in Australian football league.

Dream team actually provides a great source of entertainment to the fans, as they want their team to be the dream team.
Back in 1996, AFL celebrated 100th season of AFL and announced the team of the century which included

Bernie Smith – west Adelaide / Geelong
Bruce Doull – Carlton
Stephen Silvagni – Carlton
Ted Whitten – Footscray (captain)
John Nicholls – Carlton
Kevin Murphy – Fitzroy
Francis Bourke – Richmond
Alex Jesaulenko – Eastlake/Carlton/St Kilda
Ian Stewart – Hobart/St Kilda/Richmond
Royce Hart- Clearance/Richmond
Keith Greg- North Melbourne
Dick Reynolds- Essendon
Leigh Matthews – Hawthorn
Graham Farmer – Hawthorn/Geelong
John Coleman – Essendon
Ron Barassi – Melbourne/Carlton
Hayden Bunton snr. – Fitzroy/Subiaco
Gary Albert – Hawthorn/ Geelong
Jack Dyer- Richmond
Greg Williams – Geelong/Sydney/Carlton.


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Afl tickets

There are thousand of different games in the world today. Some of games are very popular while some are less popular. It depends on what kind of the game is being played. There are many games which might look and sound weird to some people but for others they might be as interesting as the football. Normally each nation in the world has its own national game. National games are those games which are regarded as the official game for a country. It depends on the game that how popular it is. The more popular and common the game is the more will be number of people watching it and interested in it. Two countries normally can not share a national game. Each country must have a separate national game of its own. National games are said to be the trademark of a country. A country chooses a national game by evaluating which is the most popular game in the country and how well people of that country play that game. When two different teams compete with each other on the field they are not only competing for their own passion to beat the other team. But they are also playing for the thousands of fans which are present around them to see the game. The fans are people who support a particular team. They are always there to cheer up the team when the team is playing against another. Each team has its fans. Mostly fans are from the area where the team belongs to. In order to see the match and support their team, the fans have to pay for the tickets. They pay for the tickets to enjoy the match and support their team. Tickets are necessary to watch any game in the world. B it football, cricket, basket ball or tennis, you will have to buy a ticket in order to see the game.

Like any other game in the world the AFL (Australian football league) also has its own tickets which their fans have to buy in order to see the matches. The tickets for the matches played between the different clubs and teams of AFL are available easily for purchase. But due to the popularity of the game and for other reasons the tickets are sold prior to the start of the tournament. In some cases tickets are bought before the tournament actually starts. People can buy tickets online or by visiting the outlets described by the AFL organization.


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