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Muscle and fitness strength training workouts

Most people fall out of physical training programs simply because they get bored after doing the same workout exercises week after week. When the mind starts to get bored, it is most likely that the body starts to responds in a similar manner and that is it no longer being challenged the way it should have been. The great variety of muscle and fitness strength training workout options, there are a lot of available ways to do strength training – from the various equipments that may be used, the several training techniques available and the variety in sequences and repetitions.

In choosing the strength training workout that would help develop both your muscle and overall physical fitness, it is important to keep your goals in mind. Determine what part of your body needs more training workout or how intense should each training need to be. Having the goals in mind can help you decide to keep up with regular training frequency, like deciding on one strength training session per week to workout those muscles and built up fitness. There is no need to worry first about knowing the right way to start since professional guidance is the best way that can ever get. Resistance training is nevertheless easier compared to other fitness programs.

Second, during muscle and fitness strength training workouts, it is important that you are working on the right intensity level of resistance. Ideally, the intensity level should fatigue your muscles after ten to twelve repetitions. It is also imperative to focus on the right form when working out. Concentrate on the muscles that you think working on while doing the exercise.

Third, rest and recuperation is of vital importance to strength training. In order to come up with increased muscle mass and stamina, the time for rest should relatively longer than when working on muscle endurance and when trying to have a leaner or toned body.

Finally, variety can help a lot in achieving the best results in strength training. Change the exercises that you need to do whenever the sets that you are doing start to be comfortable. Try using different types of equipments while doing the exercises. You can also do circuit training or doing a series of exercises with little or no rest between the exercises or alter the succession of exercises that you usually do like changing the sets that you do first, last and in the middle. When designing a strength training program, it is also important to create variety in the intensity levels of each exercise by manipulating the size of the weight or by increasing the number of repetitions. Increasing the speed or each exercises or the frequency of training sessions per week will also help increase the size and stamina, as well as the flexibility and endurance of the muscles and help built physical fitness. When you think you have reached your potential, consulting your trainer could be the best way to do next!


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Equipment for endurance training

It is essential that one has the right type of equipment when performing any kind of exercise. The right kind of machine plays a major role in developing your physique. On the flip side, a wrong instrument can prove to be injurious for your body and it’s even possible that you may end up in the hospital. To get the desired results, first you have to educate yourself about your body type. This will help you understand what kind of work-outs or exercises you need to perform. Next, learn about the different kinds of equipment and how they can help you achieve your desired fitness level. Now-a-days, endurance training is included in every workout. It is devised keeping in mind the build-up of stamina and power. For the most part, endurance training is mostly followed by athletes who are involved in sports that require sustained effort over long periods. The various categories of equipments are Cardio equipment and machines and Free weights. The former category includes treadmill, stepper, cycle etc and the latter includes using weights. Treadmills and cycles are excellent for losing weight and also boost the metabolism of the body. Strength training is also a form of endurance training which improves the overall physical condition of the body as well as building body composition and flexing the joints. It relaxes the muscles through the application of active force. The prime mover muscles, antagonistic muscles and the stabilizer muscles, all get worked on during strength training. Strength trainer and strength station are quite good strength training equipments. The former is more of an upper body exerciser whereas the latter involves a more complete body workout. You can select from a wide variety of weight benches and weights, step machine, sit-up bar, leather jump rope and other accessories for exercising. Of course, treadmills or elliptical trainers and cycles are the basic equipments that most buy. There are also numerous ab machines that promise to deliver super six-pack abs.

There has been an exponential increase in the number and varieties of exercise equipments that is available on the market. With the rise in sophistication, it is becoming increasingly difficult to choose the right kind of equipment. It is necessary to take proper guidance before embarking on an equipment buying spree or any exercise routine. Choose your equipment and machine with the right help, get an instructor to help you with the exercise routines and work wonders on your physique.


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Samples of endurance training

The ultimate aim of endurance training is to better utilize the nutrients and oxygen from blood which would result in better efficiency of muscles which in turn leads to better performance. Swimming, long-distance running and cycling are some examples of endurance sports. For example muscular endurance can be categorized into 3 groups:

1. Power endurance
2. Muscular endurance-long term
3. Muscular endurance-short term
Power endurance– several sports like baseball, tennis require powerful efforts from the players throughout the game. To maintain the same level of game, power endurance is needed. Several short bursts of intense activity over a short period of time characterizes power endurance. Maximal strength can be developed into power endurance through power training. Fast twitch muscle fibers are responsible for producing intense effort. Through power training, these fibers can be gradually made to sustain the explosive effort for a longer period of time by resisting fatigue for longer periods. Intervals between the different sets of exercises are quite long as compared to other endurance training because if the enough rest period is not given and the next set of exercises is started when the player is still fatigued, then that will result in increase in muscle mass (hypertrophy) rather than power endurance. Alternate sets of exercise should be carried out. The same exercise should not be repeated again and again. When repetitions fail to be powerful and rhythmic, the sets of exercises should be ended.

Muscular endurance (short term)-Sports such as soccer or 800 m running that require intense efforts lasting between 30 sec and 2 min need short term muscular endurance training. This type of resistance training can be done with a circuit training set-up. This training helps the players deal with fatigue as well as tolerate higher levels of lactic acid.

Muscular endurance (long term) – Marathon, rowing, triathlon and such kind of sports require long term muscular endurance training. In these type of sports, continuous effort is required of the player that goes beyond 2 min. the players are trained using light loads so that they can hold on for a longer period of time. The periods of intervals are less as compared to the above two. Infact, the only rest between exercises should be the time taken to move from one equipment to another.

Other types of aerobic endurance training programs include Fartlek training, Repitition training, Long, slow distance training, interval Training etc. All the above have their particular pattern of exercises.

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Endurance weight training

Endurance weight training is a procedure mostly followed to increase the size and strength of skeletal muscles. A variety of specialized equipment has been developed for the weight training regimen that exercises a specific group of muscles. Bodybuilding and weightlifting are sports rather than exercises. Weight training comes under the category of strength training. It is the most popular form of strength training and is almost synonymous with strength training for a layman. Weight training is usually followed to achieve a desired shape or size. It can be achieved by performing a particular combination of sets, reps and exercises.

It is advised by experts to start a training program with light weights which you can lift easily approximately 10 times. Take a few minutes of break and then try another set of exercises. It is important that you do one set of exercise for each group of muscle starting with larger muscles and then gradually moving to the smaller ones. The various types of equipment available for weight training are dumbbells, barbells, pulleys and stacks in the form of weight machines. The body’s own weight can also act as a form of weight-training in the case of push-ups and chin-ups. One should be aware that different kinds of weights will give different kinds of resistance. For example lifting 5 kg on a weight stack is easier than lifting 5 kg of dumbbells. The combination of exercises can be designed so as to specifically address the needs of a particular individual. This advantage is not offered by other strength training exercises which re deficient in precision and flexibility that is provided by weights. The various advantages of weight training include increased metabolic rate, increased bone density and tendon and ligament strength, enhancement of body tone and posture. Although weight training can be categorized as one of the safest forms of strength training, however wrong execution can result in injury to various body parts. Weight training involves lifting weights with proper form or good form i.e. exercising the correct muscle group and not transferring weight to other muscle groups. Using the wrong form can be injurious. Spend 5-10 min warming up with aerobic exercise and then start with your weight training program. Perform the movements slowly at a steady rate. Suddenly starting an intense weight training program can cause soreness of muscles. Temporary discomfort like swelling of muscles or burning sensation in muscles is experienced if you do a large number of reps and exercises. These are completely harmless.


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Strength training programs

Strength training programs are becoming a hit nowadays. A former territory of the bodybuilder, it is now the hub of people who do not necessarily want to get a hard body, but simply want to achieve a well-toned personality and outlook as well. Strength training has been tried and tested for its benefits such as control of weight, increase of stamina, decrease of fatigue, and stronger ligaments and tendons. Perhaps, because of these benefits did people start flocking to the gym or getting a fitness trainer to get the fat down. Anyhow, it is considered a worthwhile trend. Yet even so, when deciding to commit to a program, certain conditions must first be met by your body, which you will know by a self-assessment.

The best thing to do in some cases is to visit your doctor and talk to him about your plans of getting into strength training programs. Risks are usually involved when one gets into strength training. Take for instance, the presence of coronary heart and cardiovascular diseases or the presence of high cholesterol usually above 200. These are just two examples of the kind of risks before going into training. Extreme obesity, a joint problem, abnormal breathing, diabetes, arthritis, pregnancy, asthma, chronic hypertension and even smoking are several of a myriad of factors one who plans to enter a fitness program like strength training should take note of.

When in the training itself, try to remember a few things like warming up before the workout itself, as this increases blood to circulate more freely in the body. Stretching likewise helps the body increase muscle flexibility. Also, don’t be too in a hurry to get far in your training. Make sure that in the first week of your training, you keep it light. Only after weeks of training could you upgrade your exercises into harder ones. Observing the proper form of the exercise should not also be neglected. When determining the intensity of your workout, keep in mind that there are a number of factors involved in it including the goals that you have set in the first place.

Sometimes, knowing your body well is key. Based on assessing your body’s overall health, you can judge whether lifting weights will be a problem or not. Also, take note that there is a minimum amount of strength that the body can bear. When in training, make sure it will last for one hour. Sometimes, this causes so much strain in the muscle. It is also not true that pain is part of process of building muscles, with pain, here, defined as soreness. Definitely not. Training muscles aim to form and tone muscles, not to afflict them.

Perhaps, the best strength training program is one that is tailored to your need. Unless, of course, one knows what he really needs, it will be puzzle what training will fit.


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Strength training for women

What was once exclusive for athletes and jocks is now said to benefit women as well. At present, strength training is recommended to women who want the fastest way to achieve a shapely and healthy body. Although in the past, this practice was criticized because of the prevalence of myths like “Strength training is never for women because it will make her develop large muscles,” today this is proven false by scientific studies and has, in fact, gained acceptance from the majority of women. This myth springs from a misunderstanding of a woman’s physiology, as most women are certainly, genetically speaking, not capable of making muscles.

Strength training proves to be helpful to women, as it is to athletes and young people. This practice develops strong bones, as such gives a sturdiness to ligaments and tendons. It decreases the risk of osteoporosis and increases our bone density.

Strength training also keeps your body fat in check, because it tones your muscle. The principle here is that the more toned a muscle is, the easier it is for you to control weight. Remember that you can’t change fat into a muscle and muscle into fat. Strength training keeps you focused on the muscles.

Did you also know that aside from boosting your stamina, strength training also reduces your risk of injury? It is because well-developed muscles protect the joints aside from making you flexible and well-balanced. People who usually undergo strength training are observed to not to fatigue easily especially when in the middle of tedious activity.

Aside from sculpting a pleasant body image and swerving from depression, an effective strength training workout also can give one a good night’s sleep. Insomnia is never a problem anymore. In essence, one could conclude that what strength training gives is a healthy sense of well-being.

If you have received approval from your doctor that you are capable of strength training, the question now is where and how should you start. This is quite simple because you usually start with warm-ups ranging from 10 to 15 minutes, with 12 repetitions each. To make sure your muscles get enough rest, it is important that you give a rest for one day, then, resume with your routine naturally. If the bending and lifting of the weights causes pain, take it as a signal for you stop.

The technique is not lifting light weights for several repetitions to tone the muscles. It is in exerting failure or pressure on the muscled area. Strength training does not even have to take a long time, as 20 to 30 minutes usually do.

All this proves that strength training is no longer the territory of the jock because women can benefit from it too, without large muscles or spending a lot of time and money in the gym.


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