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Vajra armor mantra

It’s amazing and fascinating to hear the potential that mantras have, and the potential of certain mantras are beyond belief and even scientific explanations are inconsistent in such cases. The Vajra Armor Mantra is one such mantra was the entire body of a living being can be healed and rejuvenated. The Vajra armor mantra is a great achievement of our ancestors, for its benefits to an individual is so great, that it can be taken to be unbelievable. The Vajra armor mantra unlike other mantras aims at helping others mainly, than oneself.
The vajra armor mantra is the one which is used for healing purposes and some specific spiritual purposes. Unlike many of the mantras, the vajra armor can be practiced by only experienced persons. So if you want to get the benefit from vajra armor mantra, you may have to recite it regularly for certain amount of time, before you can get some impact of the mantra on you and your fellow beings. The Vajra armor mantra had been maintained secretly, by the ancient practitioners. Only the discovery of some of the texts on it and the word from the mouth propagation, the vajra armor was completely disclosed sometime later.
The vajra armor mantra helps one to control all the five natural currents that are flowing within our body. These are the streams of energy that is responsible sustaining life. The control of the five streams once mastered, can be a great benefactor for a whole world of people, because the entire body and its defects can be cured by the correction of the energy streams within the body. The Vajra armor mantra also teaches one to control the 8 kinds of spirits that play spoilsport with lives around the world. These spirits are the one which bring about epidemics and contagious diseases and all sorts of evil within the human race. The expert vajra armor mantra practitioner can actually heal the whole world and maintain peace and prosperity across the globe. It is not over with these, the vajra armor also is not a single benefactor in it, and it is the mix of many such beneficial mantras, which can not be practiced unless you have a thorough knowledge of its predecessors. So it’s really a great productive mantra.
The vajra armor mantra stands tall among all other sorts of mantra of ancient times as it is aimed at the benefiting of not only the person practicing , but also all his fellow beings and the whole lot of human population in this world.


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  1. I would like to learn more about the Vajra Armour mantra. The information must be in English. What should I do ? Thanks. Stephen.

    Comment by Stephen | December 4, 2008 | Reply

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