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Shani mantra

A mantra is a Sanskrit spiritual and Hindu cultural word or letter sometime, which has an important value for worship or praying of a special god or goddess. The one word mantra “OM” is in fact a letter “?” in Sanskrit. This letter has an important value; it represents the three important gods in Hinduism; the creator, the preserver and the eliminator.

A mantra is related to the very core of the universe. Thus this cosmic reality of a mantra is related to everything in the universe. The planets, moons, earth, stone, humans and everything are a part of the mantras.

So, all heavenly bodies have their own importance and distinct type of mantra which represents them. Sani is the name given to Saturn in Sanskrit. When sani transits upon a person, this is called kantaka. The literal meaning of kantaka is throne; that must have made you clear on what happens to someone over whom sani has kept its spell.

During this time, the person’s carrier will be hampered, his family life will be deteriorated and his finance will suffer a lot. He will also suffer physically and mentally. He may loose his respect and his reputation will not be left safe.

To get remedy from the kantaka sani or the thorny Saturn is to recite some very important mantras of sani. This will provide relief to you and help calm down troubles that may arise due to kantaka sani.

Another important and troublesome transit of sani or Saturn is when it is in the 12th, 1st and 2nd houses of the Janma Kundali or natal moon sign. This type of stage is called Sade-Sati; a seven and half period of time. The most troublesome and dangerous stage in life is the stage of sade-sati.

When the Saturn is in the sade-sati stage, your household will suffer from domestic problem. They simply get wild and out of control. You will suffer great economic crisis and unbearable physical problems. You will have troubles from your children and relatives. Your enemies become powerful and you have to constantly fetch hospitals for remedy from sickness.

There are different types of mantra used for working against the workings of Saturn or sani. They include the Ekadashakshari Hanuman Mantra, Beeja Mantra and the chakra pasanna.
Due to this you will get relief from different bad aspects of sani in your life. These mantras are also associated with yantras and tantras that define the aspects of mantras and effects of sani. Some people are also found to be using new ornaments or stones to recover from this problem.


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Green tara mantra

The Green Tara mantra is in praise of the Goddess Tara (meaning “star”) in her green form, where she symbolizes herself as a savior and governor of this planet Earth. The star is a mobile one which is seen to move across from one side to the other. Similarly, Tara is the Goddess who helps human beings to cross the sky of “life”. In Tibet she is called D”lma, “she who saves”. Thus Tara is the goddess who is to be sought if a human being likes to get through his miserable life and meet the ultimate aim of worldly knowledge and complete awareness.
From the general trend of Gods that, male deities represent bravery and compassion and female deities represent wisdom and mind oriented strength, Tara is portrayed as a Goddess of compassion and protection. She is believed to have got her a green color skin to symbolize that she indeed is the protector of the earth, especially the guardian of the earth full of forests. In the Green Tara’s mantra we call upon the Goddess Tara in all her manifestations through the first lines “O? Tare Tuttare Ture”. Then we ask her protection in an unique way other than the way adopted in other mantras.
It is believed that Tara’s compassion and love for the beings in the world extends limitlessly. The mantra addresses her as a mother and we call for her mercy and protection. Infact the love showed by her upon us seems to be more than that of a mother towards her children. Tara known as the “one liberator”, “swift protector” is known for her helping deeds to human beings. She is the one who is to be sought after if we want our miseries and troubles removed from our lives.
The compassion of hers’ is unparalleled and we praise her the most for that quality, for she had wanted to be in this world for helping us liberate us from the same. The way in which we address ourselves us as her children in the Mantra, makes the Goddess Green Tara forget our bad deeds and reach out with her helping hand in the most disastrous situations.
Thus by having the blessings of the Goddess Tara, we entitle ourselves to get the maximum out of our life, by avoiding the obstacles that are present in this world. She helps us to concentrate more on the liberation of our worldly dependency by taking away all physical troubles. Lets all pray the almighty green Tara with her mantra and remove all of the obstacles and make ourselves free and to take ourselves close to Mokshya.


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Sai mantra

SAI Baba is a south Asian Hindu god. He is considered to be the incarnation of lord Vishnu. SAI Baba is a title instead; it is passed from one generation to another by the current SAI Baba. To enchant this power of peace and knowledge, his devotees pray for him with a special hymn. This hymn is also called SAI mantra.

SAI Baba is given the title of Bhagavan and before his name the title of Laxmi, goddess of power and wellness, “Shri” is used. People also have used “SATYA” as suffix in his name. “SATYA” means truth or fairness. Thus his name completes with BHAGAVAN SHRI SATYA SAI BABA.

Unlike many gods of Hinduism, SHRI SATYA SAI BABA is mere human being. His powers are limited to being a human. His inclination towards world peace and towards the wellness of the poor and needy makes him one of a kind.

A mantra is a Sanskrit script for a religious Hindu hymn. It can contain only one word, one line or can become longer. The famous word “AUM” is a religious mantra. In this word AUM, there are in fact three different letters, A, U and M. These three different words denote the three supreme gods of Hindus, the Vishnu, Brahma and Shiva. They also define the three sounds, consonants, vowels and sibilants. The consonants represent the earth, fire and eye; the vowels represent the heaven, sun, mind, and the sibilants represent the sky, air and ear.

The most famed and the representative mantra of Hindu culture and civilization is the Gayatri Mantra. In the Gayatri Mantra of Hinduism, the god is praised and asked favor to save and support human from evil and evil thoughts. BHAGWAN SHREE SATYA SAI BABA also has his own Gayatri mantra. This mantra praises BHAGWAN SHREE SATYA SAI BABA and asks for his favor.

BHAGWAN SHREE SATYA SAI BABA is praised as the son of Easwaramba, and asked to get awake in order to save the mankind, save the universe so that the world can attain auspiciousness, prosperity, blessings, welfare and happiness.

When trying to awake the god, the devotees are really trying to awake the god within themselves. They are referring to Easwarambaa Sutha which is really all of us. The power or Shakti refers to the feminine aspect of human beings. There are different types of Shakti. The Ichcha Shakti or will power, the Kriva Shakti or energy of work or action, the Vichar Shakti or the power to think and the Vak Shakti or the power of speech.

According to BHAGWAN SHREE SATYA SAI BABA, the place where he lives Puttaparthi is really referring itself to the body of human being. So in order to get liberated, one must encourage the power within himself. And release the aspects like the bigyan or science, sugyan or spiritual knowledge and ghyan as knowledge.

When the devotees utter the Sai Mantra, it is believed that there is the presence of god within us. It is thought that that BHAGWAN SHREE SATYA SAI performs all actions through the five indriyas or senses (vision, smell, taste, touch and sound) and thus, we must achieve actions that have to term as divine.


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Tara mantra

There has always been the power of Goddesses proven time and again as competent with the power of the Gods. Most of the religions have their own female deity, and Tara is the Buddhist Goddess, and her name represents star, and she is the goddess for compassion and security. Tara is thought to have divine powers that are both helpful to you at the same time destructive and most dangerous in nature for the evil souls and disturbances in this world.
She is one of the widely accepted and worshipped deities in Tibet, and she is portrayed as the best liberator. Tara mantra helps one to get the blessings of the Goddess Tara and thereby release or free himself from the tangles and difficulties that act as hurdles in his present life in the world. The Tara Mantra “Om Tare Tutare Ture So Ha” is seemingly small and simple but the benefit it renders upon the one who recites is of immense power. By reciting, we actually pray her to help us by coming to our aid herself. Most of the Goddesses are portrayed as benevolent, kind and gentle in nature and their deeds and punishments, but Tara is one of the rare Goddesses who just have a rigorous scale for actions. She is sometimes referred to as a Goddess who just has no mercy on a wrong doer of certain kind.
There are many forms in which Tara portrays herself, the Green Tara and the White Tara. The Green Tara is the one responsible for taking care of the planet Earth, and she is the one who is responsible for creation and maintaining prosperous life. The White Tara is responsible for maintaining the peace and good life for every living thing in the world. She offers the coordinating hand for all the living things and sustains life in the world.
By means of the Tara mantra, we request the all powerful Goddess to bestow upon us some blessings and let us live a peaceful and happy life. We ask her to take off all evils and difficulties surrounding us and making our life miserable. Tara, you r the goddess and we as ordinary men are tangled in grief and misery, please help us out of this, Thy elegant and powerful Goddess.
Thus the ultimate aim of the Tara mantra is to ask Tara, the goddess to do the thing she is well known for, that is to protect us from misery and grief. Worries lessen on sharing it with others, and worries vanish when we share it with our Goddess Tara through the Tara Mantra.


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Maha laxmi mantra

MahaLaxmi is the goddess of power, wealth, fortune, beauty, fertility, luxury and immensity. She is goddess in Hinduism who will fulfill all the material desire in human being. In her posture, she is seemingly raising her hand for blessing and to grant wealth. Thought to be the mother of the universe, she is also the great goddess who is the only symbol of material satisfaction in Hinduism. Due to her this distinct feature and her nature to wipe out all evil, Lord MahaLaxmi is worshiped with great respect by many Hindus.

The sacred name or short definition of Laxmi is Shri. This name is written on top of many business documents or even used to respect someone by Hindus; like king, god, teacher or revered individual. It is symbolic to “OM”, which is associated with the mystical and powerful side of life, the word “Shri” is associated with the material side of life.

Lord MahaLaxmi is known with her name swarna-hasta which means someone with a golden hand. This will clarify the importance of her being goddess of prosperity.

Goddess MahaLaxmi is the ensemble of Lord Narayan or Lord Vishnu. She is always with lord Vishnu wherever he goes and whenever he goes. She took the incarnation of Sita when God Vishnu took the incarnation of Ram; she took the incarnation of Rukmini when God Vishnu took the incarnation of Krishna.

Mantra is a sacred and spiritual Hindu slogan type of citation performed for various regions. A mantra is really a fine peace of tactfully arranged words, which is said to be provided by god himself, as a powerful tool to enchant him or enhance the power of the devotee.

MahaLaxmi mantra is a sacred spiritual poem which tries to magnetize MahaLaxmi and solicit her to endow with support and favor to the devotee.

In the search to charm MahaLaxmi, the devotee notifies her about her greatness, her being worshiped by all including the gods, her riding the Garooda and such enchanting words. They constantly try to inform her about what they feel and what they want.

Lord MahaLaxmi considered being the birth giver of yoga and she is also thought to having no beginning, middle or end. Regularly the devotee salutes the goddess and constantly tries to inform her about her greatness or what he really wants from her.

And if any devotee reads and regularly repeats this 8 stanza long MahaLaxmi Mantra; he is thought to grow prosperity and wealth, due to the grace of Lord MahaLaxmi.


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Long chenrezig mantra

The mantras are the one that our ancestors had used regularly in their day to day life, to make the most out of their life. The mantras seem to have the power to make a person feel better and make his body better, more importantly the soul better. But the “long Chenrezig mantra” which is believed to be the most popular among the Buddhists and the Tibetans still. The God of compassion, Avalokiteshwara is called upon to offer help by the long Chenrezig mantra. The mantra in itself has infinite benefits as the scriptures define it.
The benefits being limitless as sky, the chenrezig mantra offers not only the person reciting the benefits, but every one around him and every living thing like insects and animals around him get their life cleansed of karmas, the 5 evils dominating the worldly life of many. The Karmas once wiped out by Chenrezig, you pray for the compassion and help to all the needy souls roaming in this planet earth, and beckon the God, Chenrezig himself to come and treat you, the one reciting and also spread the power of purity and unlimited happiness of heart to all those around you.
The practitioner of the mantra is elevated to a stature where all his karmas and sins are swept off by the God of Compassion, Chenrezig and also the purpose of his birth, fulfilling all the supposed vows that he has to be responsible for.
The Chenrezig mantra offers to heal and cleanse off all bad impacts of ones birth and his bad deeds as a soul. It also offers him the pleasure of being born in the land of Buddha, or reborn as a compassionate unharmed free soul on the earth. The Chenrezig himself aimed at the liberation of all his fellowmen from the tangles of misery found in the worldly physical setup, and the long Chenrezig mantra offers nothing less. Every soul which truly recites the Chenrezig Mantra from the heart gets enlightened towards the path of liberation, even if he does not even know what Dharma (the preaching of Buddha) means.
When one starts reciting “NAMO RATNA TRAYAYA… “, and proceeds on he is just made to feel the unintentional pleasure and happiness… he feels godly pleasure, attains salvation, purity of heart.
The Long Chenrezig mantra is a way of visualizing the God of compassion, Chenrezig himself among our souls. We as compassionate beings help liberate not only our souls but also help bring unlimited happiness among all of our fellow beings. In short, the Chenrezig makes us pure, makes us enlightened, moves us forward in the path towards eternal life of happiness.


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