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Cricket magazines

Although there have been many magazines that were or are published only for cricket, but there have been a lot of sports magazines which have give maximum space to cricket. Apart from this, most of these magazines were published only in the Indian subcontinent and were exported from there to other countries. One of those magazines is Sportstar. This is one of the oldest published magazine in the Indian subcontinent which featured special interview of cricketers of the present and the past. One of the trademarks of this magazine was the free poster of the stars of the game of cricket. The magazine also featured a cricket quiz every edition with prizes up for grabs for correct answers on an early bird basis.

Apart from that another magazine called Wisden cricket Asia was also published from the mid of 2001 to 2005 but was discontinued then. The publishers of this magazine are known more for their immense collection of books on cricket and their famous Wisden cricket quiz series than the magazine.

With the advent of internet, the paper magazines slowly seem to lose their ground to the internet based ‘virtual magazines’. There are numerous websites dedicated purely to cricket and promoting the game. These websites come up with weekly, bimonthly and monthly editions of free online magazines with the latest in the game and related stuff. Apart from the websites that are run by individuals or companies, the cricket governing bodies like ICC (International Cricket Council) also have their own online magazines for the latest updates on the game, the rules, awards etc.

Some of the most popular online cricket magazines are :

These internet based, online magazines, have a distinct advantage over the traditional published magazines in the sense that they do not occupy any space in your house and can be accessed anytime on a PC from anywhere in the world and are updated far more easily and faster than the traditional paper magazines. Also these magazines have a massive database of the various statistics related to the game of cricket. Apart from the regular stuff, there are loads of quizzes and contests with loads of prizes up for grabs. Also these magazines offer free pics of your favorite cricket superstars.

Surely, there seems to be a paradigm shift in the way we read magazines and more and more people are reading the online magazines, are you?



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