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Easy break dance moves

Break dancing is one of the more popular modern dances today. The dancers, correctly termed as “breakers,” are often required to have a lot of endurance, stamina and strength, especially with their upper bodies. In spite of the numerous difficult and complicated moves break dancing involves, there are also several easy break dance moves you can learn.


This is one of the basic footwork to learn when following easy break dance moves. Toprock is pretty much made up by the breaker with a combination of his own styles and moves. Normally, you can incorporate toprock as the introduction of your break dance style. For the basic toprock stepping, stand with you left foot in front of the right foot. There should be about 12 inches between them. Next, cross the right foot over and to the left side of your left foot. Now, lift up the right foot and hop it up to the right side of your left foot where they should be parallel. Then do the exact same procedure, this time with the left foot crossing over the right side of the right foot. Hop it up to the left side so that it should be parallel again. This can be repeated and altered to the breakers decision.

Six-step or Downrock

One of the easy break dance moves is this style which is almost like the toprock, only you are on the ground when working the floor. You should get down on the floor with your arms and legs straight, your chest side down. Place your left foot between your right hand and foot, and then lift your right hand up. Now, put your right foot to the side and in front of the left foot, place your right hand to your side on the ground, and turn you body so you are in a crab position and your bottom is almost touching the ground. Place the right leg in front of you and lift your right hand in the air. Finally, sweep the right leg around the left, lifting the left leg so that the right leg will go under it, and bring hands back around. You should end up back in the starting position.

Coffee Grinder

Another one of the easy break dance moves is the coffee grinder. This is just a repeat of the last positions of the six-step style. Go into the crab position. Your hand should be placed behind you and your left leg should be tucked in closed to your body while the right leg is extended. Sweep the right leg around the left, making sure you lift your left leg to allow your right leg to pass under it and then bring your hands back to the ground. Continue repeating these steps several times to get the coffee grinder in motion.


The toprock, six-step or downrock, and coffee grinder are the basic footwork for easy break dance moves to learn.



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