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50 cent 21 questions

The video to the 50 Cent 21 Questions is off the hook. In this video, Fifty Cent works with Nate Dogg to perform in this video and believe me, the point of the song and video is very clear. In this video you will see that Fifty Cent is in prison and he is longing to be with his girlfriend. He is very specific in the ways that he feels and the questions that he asks to make sure that his true love is the one that is going to be there for him when he gets out. In the beginning he starts off the song with telling New York City that they are now rapping with 50 Cent and that they have to love it.
He goes on to say that he just wants to chill and smoke a lot and catch some sun in his seven forty five. He also says that he wants to feel her next to him and he wants to be able to see her. Fifty also states that he is the one that provides her with everything that she needs and he doesn’t like to see her cry he loves to see her smile. After he has stated this entire he goes on to say that he has a lot of questions that he wants to ask her and he hopes that she is able to provide him with the answers that he wants to hear her say.
Nate Dogg joins in after this and starts off the song and starts asking questions that he wants to know the answers to. He starts by telling her that he knows that it is easy to love him now based on the situation that he is in but he wonders if she will still love him if he was down and out. This is known as the main course in the song. Later 50 Cent joins in to ask more questions beginning with if he was to fall off tomorrow would she still love him. The next question that he asks is if he didn’t smell so good would she still be able to hug him. The next question is whether or not she would be able to love him if he were to get locked up in prison for a quarter of a century, he asks if she would be there to support him mentally.



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