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The HIV prevalence rate among MSM in Cambodia is 8.7 percent

The HIV prevalence rate among MSM in Cambodia is 8.7 percent, nearly 10 times that of its overall population of 14 million.
“There is a very serious concentrated epidemic among MSM,” Tony Lisle, the Country Coordinator for the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) in Cambodia, was quoted as saying in an AFP newswire report.


He noted that MSM – a term used to identify men whose primary reported risk category for HIV infection is unprotected sex with other men but who may not consider themselves to be homosexual or bisexual – account for four percent of Cambodian men.

“The hidden MSM population is significant and if we don’t avert new infections the MSM epidemic could contribute significantly to the overall (HIV) prevalence rate.”

Prevalence among MSM is 8.7 percent, nearly 10 times the rate of 0.9 percent in its population of 14 million, while incidences of other sexually transmitted diseases are rapidly rising, indicating that fewer MSM are using condoms.

Health workers say this growing and largely hidden trend towards risky sex threatens to seriously undermine progress in tackling one of Asia’s worst HIV/AIDS epidemics.

Health officials say they are failing to reach MSM who have become the most vulnerable to infection.

One of the biggest tasks is challenging Cambodia’s conservative social norms that force many men to quietly seek sex with other men – very few of whom are prostitutes – while carrying on with lives that include marriage and family.

At least one clinic deals almost exclusively with MSM, with the numbers seeking its services rising from a handful in 2003 to more than 200 a month last year.

Another positive sign, according to UNAIDS’ Lisle, is the establishment of a national MSM working group that is trying to coordinate outreach programmes in a bid to head off new HIV infections.

The creation of the working group is a “very healthy sign that Cambodia is really starting to move to address the MSM epidemic,” Lisle says. “But even if the government is providing space for this, at the same time you have to move society around.

“It’s a huge journey. If we don’t scale up efforts, it could be very serious.”

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Break dance fighting

The world of break dancing opens its gates to people who show much interest on the dancing style. From the streets of New York, it became the most progressive dance in the world. Showing lots of talent and unmatched skills that is really impressive so as to say. Most of these dances originated from the violent crowd on the streets itself. The roots that it took from these people were surprisingly making an advantage and not a disadvantage.

For years and decades, gangsters from the streets produces violence as fast as all mother’s in the country is producing a baby everyday. Imagine how chaotic it could have been if it wasn’t for the break dancing solution that these people simply innovated. They used the dance as a sort of making violence out of the way to create a peaceful living environment. The street dancing battles that they had were amazingly providing an effective solution to end street war. Before it was called gangster fighting but now it is called break dance fighting.

Break dancing became a worldwide phenomenon, and because of what it has done in the streets of New York some people use it in other purposes too. The competition was making a shout out to every single person who wants to showcase their skill on stage. As many people became curious of the dance the more peaceful the streets of New York became. For some countries the introduction of the dance made them curious and eventually making it a part of their lives as a livelihood to support them. Now we see the advantages that the dance brought to the world of violence.

The flexibility of the dance is showing the creativity and the expressiveness of the break dancer or the street dancer. The explosiveness that it brings on the dance floor and the individual or group impressive performance are somewhat the vital key why some people are generated or be inquisitive about the dance. Break dance fighting is showing us why there should be less violence on the streets and instead being more competitive on the dance floor. The adoption of this sort of dance and what it brings is clearly an impression of how it may be possible to prevent violence on the streets and anywhere else. It’s as simple as a dance but it brings rewarding results. Break dancing is the innovation that paved the way to a peaceful living.


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Break dance electric boogie

First there was the act of Shields and Yarnell-America’s famous mimes. Their body act moved only one part of their body and they moved as if they were on wheels. People saw this as dance. This act went to become one of America’s popular dances. The robot act began to have a life of its own. More and more people began to do it. When Jeffrey Daniels danced it on the TV program Soul Train, the country took up the dance. The Pop Lock Dancers took this up and mainstreamed the float to what is now the electric boogie.

It was dance, dance, and dance in the late 70s and early 80s. It’s was the break dance and electric boogie music that heated up the pavements. The Puerto Rican b-boys brings break dancing to a new high. Electronic hip-hop continues to shine with the latest in break dance and electric boogie rhythmic sounds. Everybody connects.
The great sounds of awesome track to get your juices going non-stop.

Remember the high school break dance? First it was b-boying or dancing to the breaks in the music; the power moves, fast footwork, and freeze got lots of young people trying the movements and dancing at block parties. The repeated breaks in the music became the break beats and became a new genre in music.

The new generation of b-boys has put more gymnastics and defying acrobatics into the dance. More new moves have been invented. The backspins and the windmills require more daring. They also drop to the ground and get up, whirl on their backs, do flips, and do a split. Everything is done to the rhythm of the beat.

The popularity of break dance has extended to Japan, and Berlin. The dance shows the dancer’s individual style and is more gymnastics than dancing. The new break dance is not all about dancing to the beat but it is rather about stretching and whirling while the music blares. Power moves or individual flavor? According to the exponents of individual flavor, it is difficult to put an individual style into power moves.

Dancers are also moving back towards better footwork styles directed to the breaking of the 90s. The latest fancy footwork to hit the scene is the “Good Foot”. This is a freestyle dance that has moves, drops, and spins. This particular style favors the early breaking dance. A James Brown record with the same title is the right backdrop to the break dance.

The dancing show fluid moves; dancers use their arms and hands to support their weight when they do the flips, windmills, sweeps and shuffles. The feet and legs do more of the gymnastics. These drops were made famous by the Brooklyn Rock or Up Rocking. Now the dance includes heart stopping acrobatics.

So if it is break dance or electric boogie, you got a lot of new moves and hip music. B-boing still lives. They are all going for the break dance and electric boogie sound.


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Break machine street dance

Break dancing has become an integral part of the hip hop culture. Break Machine is one of the many artists that contributed greatly to this dance style. Many have listened and danced to the tunes of Break Machine. Street Dance is one popularly listened to Break Machine tune. But who is behind Break Machine?

Behind the Scenes

The man behind the sensational Break Machine is Keith Rodgers. At the age of 15, he already started making music and he also ventured into the world of DJs. At this time his talent, though still budding, was already recognized by peers. Keith Rogers said that one of the major influences in his life as a musician was King Tim the 3rd. This rapper was one of the originals.

How It Happened

In 1981, a WHBI FM radio show was pioneered by Keith Rogers. This show was after the Mr. Magic Rap Attack. During his days on the radio show, Keith Rogers decided to record a song titled Searching Rap. He recorded this under the name of Bon Rock. The song became so popular, it even made number one in the Paris charts. Then a year after that, Keith Rogers recorded yet another song, still under the name of Bon Rock. This song was titled junior Wants to Play. This time the song made number two on the charts.

Why Bon Rock

Going under the name Bon Rock was not just something that came out of the blue. The Audobon Ballroom located uptown is a place where Keith Rogers frequents. He would always be there, especially if Busybee Starsky, a DJ of the place would rock the house down. Because of always being in the place, Keith Rogers got the name Bon Rock.

The Deal

All the popularity of the songs recorded by Keith Rogers under Bon Rock led to him getting a deal with the studio Cant Stop Productions. This office also managed The Village People. There he came to work with Fred Zarr, Henri Belolo, and Jacques Morali who produced the whole thing. This then led to the production of the famed Street Dance. The album got sold for millions of copies. Until now, Street Dance is still popular in CD Mix Compilations and radio shows featuring old school music.

Street Dance

Street Dance got recorded on the legendary Power Station. The tracks were played by Fred Zarr. The vocals were done by the Brooklyn rapper, none other than Keith Rogers.


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Break dance studios

One may consider break dancing as a combination of hip-hop and gymnastics that result into a wide array of moves that will compliment the hip hop music as well as the funky beat together with the rap act. Break dancing can be fun to watch but it would enticing to try it out and bust a move or two but that would be less appealing to you since it requires a lot of training and discipline just to execute a basic move.

So, if you are an avid break dance fan and wants to try out the moves that you’ve seen in several break dance events, where do you go?

The break dance studios of course.

Training at the studios

When it comes to break dancing, you don’t want to be involved in an injury-plagued stature since you want to learn a variety of basic moves that involves injury-free issues. There are several break dance studios out there that provide you the necessary programs on how to progress in your break dance routine and develop you into a one fine break dancer. These break dance studios have professional trainers and other personnel that can help you improve your basic moves and maintain it towards the advanced training. And of course, the guidelines and instructions provided by the break dance studios will decrease the chance of having a serious injury that could impede your break dance hopes. This way, with the knowledge of a necessary method that lessens the chance of getting injury, you’ll focus more on the physical training that you need.

Improving the moves

Break dance studios are there to keep you in check when you practice on different moves like the basic toprock, coffee grinder and the downrock. There are several techniques on how to use your arms and body movement and this may be used constantly in the advanced moves such as the flips, windmill, turtle, circles and etc. With the professional trainers that break dance studios have, they can assist you in executing a move without busting a muscle or a ligament and they can also help you in improving your stance and other necessary elements.


When you feel like the online break dance training and watching break dancers do their thing is not enough for you. Get on the line and start training yourself in various break dance studios that are found in your area. There are also a number of break dance studios that cater mostly to ballets, modern dance, and other types of dances but they may also offer break dance training. With break dance studios’ programs, you can have a risk-free training.


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Easy break dance moves

Break dancing is one of the more popular modern dances today. The dancers, correctly termed as “breakers,” are often required to have a lot of endurance, stamina and strength, especially with their upper bodies. In spite of the numerous difficult and complicated moves break dancing involves, there are also several easy break dance moves you can learn.


This is one of the basic footwork to learn when following easy break dance moves. Toprock is pretty much made up by the breaker with a combination of his own styles and moves. Normally, you can incorporate toprock as the introduction of your break dance style. For the basic toprock stepping, stand with you left foot in front of the right foot. There should be about 12 inches between them. Next, cross the right foot over and to the left side of your left foot. Now, lift up the right foot and hop it up to the right side of your left foot where they should be parallel. Then do the exact same procedure, this time with the left foot crossing over the right side of the right foot. Hop it up to the left side so that it should be parallel again. This can be repeated and altered to the breakers decision.

Six-step or Downrock

One of the easy break dance moves is this style which is almost like the toprock, only you are on the ground when working the floor. You should get down on the floor with your arms and legs straight, your chest side down. Place your left foot between your right hand and foot, and then lift your right hand up. Now, put your right foot to the side and in front of the left foot, place your right hand to your side on the ground, and turn you body so you are in a crab position and your bottom is almost touching the ground. Place the right leg in front of you and lift your right hand in the air. Finally, sweep the right leg around the left, lifting the left leg so that the right leg will go under it, and bring hands back around. You should end up back in the starting position.

Coffee Grinder

Another one of the easy break dance moves is the coffee grinder. This is just a repeat of the last positions of the six-step style. Go into the crab position. Your hand should be placed behind you and your left leg should be tucked in closed to your body while the right leg is extended. Sweep the right leg around the left, making sure you lift your left leg to allow your right leg to pass under it and then bring your hands back to the ground. Continue repeating these steps several times to get the coffee grinder in motion.


The toprock, six-step or downrock, and coffee grinder are the basic footwork for easy break dance moves to learn.


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