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UK’s justice secretary jack straw proposes to ban incitement against gays

October 9, 2007
UK’s justice secretary jack straw proposes to ban incitement against gays

Under a yet to be finalised amendment proposed by Justice Secretary Jack Straw, existing prohibitions against race and religious incitement might be extended to include sexual orientation.

Anyone convicted of stirring up hatred against homosexuals face up to seven years in jail under proposed amendments to the Criminal Justice and Immigration Bill which is currently going through Parliament.

Justice Secretary Jack Straw proposed that existing prohibitions against race and religious incitement be extended to include sexual orientation.
Justice Secretary Jack Straw told MPs on Monday that existing prohibitions against race and religious incitement would be extended to include sexual orientation. Under the proposal, it would be considered a crime to incite hatred against gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered and heterosexual people. He said he would consider whether protection should be extended to transgendered and disabled people.

He added that it was time for the law to recognise society was “appalled by hatred and invective” directed at people because of their sexuality.

“It is a measure of how far we have come as a society in the last 10 years that we are now appalled by hatred and invective directed at people on the basis of their sexuality.

“It is time for the law to recognise this.”

Fundamentalist Christians, who are already protected from incitement to religious hatred by law, have expressed their opposition claiming that the proposed laws threatened freedom of speech as they could face seven years in jail for preaching that homosexuality was wrong.

Gay rights group Stonewall’s chief executive Ben Summerskill however responsed saying their fears are unfounded as the proposed laws will not prevent people from expressing their religious views in a temperate way but serve to deter extremists who stir up hatred against lesbian and gay people.

“We refuse to accept any longer that there’s no connection between extreme rap lyrics calling for gay people to be attacked or fundamentalist claims that all gay people are paedophiles, and the epidemic of anti-gay violence disfiguring Britain’s streets,” Summerskill told the BBC.

A spokeswoman for the Ministry of Justice said in response to concerns highlighted by Christian groups, “The new law would not prohibit criticism of gay, lesbian and bisexual people, but it would protect them from incitement to hatred against them because of their sexual orientation.”

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Gayatri mantra

Gayatri mantra is a sacred Vedic prayer. It is one of the most sacred and revered mantras in Hinduism, derived from a Sanskrit root word gayatra which means rhythm or song. The Gayatri mantra is one of the very mantras which can be found in all the four Vedas, that are the oldest form of sacred Hindu literature namely Rig, Yajur, Sama and Atharvana.
Gayatri Mantra is worshipped as the mother of all the other mantras in Hinduism. She is also known as Veda mata, which means mother of Vedas. It is the next most revered Mantra after Aum. Gayatri Mata is represented with five faces and hence she is also known as Panchamukhi. These five faces depicted in five different colors represent the five life forces. Gayatri Mata is also considered as the cosmic representation of the Hindu gods Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva.
Gayatri Mantra is the essence of the four Vedas and is one of the noblest prayers passed on to us by the ancient sages from India. The Gayatri Mantra is given as initiation to young Brahmin boys of the Hindu religion during their sacred thread ceremony ritual. Gayatri Mantra should be chanted thrice a day during early morning, noon and evening. When the mantra is so recited the energy levels gets activated along with currents in the body generating radiance.
The Mantra chanting protects the person, illumines the intellect and awakens the soul. It is believed that chanting the Gayatri Mantra regularly reduces the sins and the bad karmic effect of the person. It helps in cleansing and purifying the mind. Regular chanting of this mantra provides the person with immense energy helps in self realization and builds the confidence levels of the person.
The Gayatri mantra is not denied to anyone and it is given to us by our sages, solely for the benefit of all human beings who are interested to receive the supreme knowledge. This Mantra is the Prana Shakthi also known as vital force behind the existence and offers continuous protection to the earth and its beings.
The Gayatri Mantra has also been subjected to extensive research in the modern days. The findings have proved that the vibrations of the mantra when chanted properly are in perfect tune with the science of cosmic sound. The mantra is considered to be a sound incarnation of the Supreme Being also known as Brahman, and regular chanting of Gayatri Mantra will not only help us in sharpening the intellect and reducing the sins. But it will also lead us through the path of realizing the Supreme Being.


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Van mantra

Every gaming enthusiast might have noticed a definite change in the fellow gaming guys around you, like them thinking so badly that their brain would explode. They would have said words like “Van Mantra”, “Ethan”… or sort; this is the change that the game of “Ethaan Haas was Right” made in many of us, gamers. There are really a few games out there that make you think as this one does. But with every second you play the game you are made to think more and more. The plot is… simple

Ethan Haas is long gone but his thoughts were preserved, for his people, his world, primarily because of Van Mantra, supposedly a student and strong believer of Ethan Haas. He is the one with the potential to save the world, save the millions of life around us, for he knows it more than anybody else…

Van Mantra was just one like us, before he found the writings of his master to be true, not without proof though. Van Mantra had tested his master’s words many a times and has found it to perfectly right on all such tests. Van Mantra has got a proof to what others neglect to believe… and before he can make everyone believe the factual book of his master…, the clans have arrived!! Van Mantra is to be the people’s savior, and he, Van Mantra has to save the earth, the world, the women and children around us… all of them! Of course he is not alone, with the help of all the human beings, Van Mantra can stand amidst all ruins…

Van Mantra is on the run continuously. Van Mantra can stop not, wait not, as the seraph and orphanum are in a vigorous mood and they want the savior. But humans are not to be expected to give up as easily, are we? Van Mantra shows his courage through the way he deals with the situation, his running life does not prevent him from guiding his fellowmen, and he does not let anyone who needs his help. Van Mantra is by our side helping us solve the puzzling aspects of our path. But it rests solely on our shoulders, the future of mankind, the future of Van Mantra himself, and most of all the future of our beloved Earth. Van Mantra guides you, he is the savior, and you are his. We can be out of this treacherous situation, only if we can act well and act with some good intellect. Hope and help from Van Mantra will lead is along…

Start your journey now, for time does not wait, but can run faster, as it does now!


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Mantra pushpam

The mantra pushpam refers to the part of the mantra that is recited at the end of all major mantras. Many of us should have heard the phrase “Om! Shanti… shanti… shanti….!” The mantra pushpam in itself has a great lot of meaning and benefit embedded with it. But when the combination of other major benefiting stotras (long poems of recital), the mantra pushpam has its power increased by many times.
What actually the mantra pushpam proposes to have is peace, the peace and joy prevailing all over the world, and no difficulties or critical situation harming the tranquility of the world. Also the mantra pushpam tries to make the soul of the person into a self contained state, taking him a step nearer to the state of motcha, the state of being aware of all things and in control of everything of his knowledge, which is everything. The mantra pushpam helped you to communicate your wishes to god, so that he can fulfill your needs.
The lord Gubera, who is the lord of all richness and prosperity, is beckoned into your world to help you out of everything troubling you and giving you immense pleasure from all that you desire, the God in himself creates the best world for you.
By the means of mantra pushpam, you ask the god to bestow upon you the goodness in all aspects of life. We pray to hear, see, and sense goodness and betterment all around us. The mantra also instills the idea that the almighty God is nowhere to be particularly searched for, it’s him that helps you in everything. He is the means for achieving salvation; he leads to himself, the ultimate happiness and freedom, Moksha. The turbidness among the happenings around the world should lessen; the evils should disappear from every part of the world.
Shanti … is the word that describes peace and tranquility. The mantra pushpam is meant for spreading the flowers of peace among the living beings. The flowers (called “pushpam” in Sanskrit), are the means for describing the composure in a situation. The mantra describes the human beings as those who know themselves and are composed in themselves due to the knowledge about good and evil and about themselves.
Thus we see that Mantra pushpam are flowers of prosperity that are to be spread over such that it should cover the whole of mankind. Thus the mantra pushpam eventually targets a peaceful and joyful life for one and all, with no threats are difficulties harming their mind and body, keeping the soul in tact, composed through knowledge about oneself, and the almighty.


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Marathana mantra

The mantras that are found in many of the ancient religious scriptures, has long been an area for scientific research because the vibrations produced and frequencies of the concerned words (e.g.: MaRaThaNa) have been able to do a lot of good to ones physical structure than many medicines of modern day could. Mantras were actually practiced by the ancient people to get more out of life, to enable them for a healthy life. Every mantra does the same and the Marathana mantra is no different. Marathana mantra is one of the best among all others and it is a perfect mantra when it comes to the practical nature of mantra.

The marathana mantra actually involves saying the word slowly and with deep calmness in heart. Everyone can say the word marathana, but how you say it is what matters. One has to utter the word ” Ma – Ra – Tha – Na” syllable wise slowly. It can be done as and when time permits and is feasible too, but the key aspect of Marathana mantra lies in the way you keep your calmness and tranquility of heart when you recite the word slowly.

The in depth looks into the mantra also reveals that the recital of the word in marathana mantra has it own impact. Each syllable in it has unique impact on the body and mind. The blood circulation and active nature of the nerve cells are found to be running in an optimized state when uttering the ” Ma – Ra – Tha – Na” mantra.

The linguistic analysis of the word has yielded many meanings to the marathana mantra and its origin, but none is confirmatory. Some Christian oriented research say that marathana mantra is from the biblical word ” marathana” which forms the last word of bible(meaning speculated as “come my god”), and some Sanskrit language analysis, says that marathana mantra is the one done before start of yoga, meaning “start of Yoga”.

Whatever the speculated meaning of the marathana mantra be, the ultimate thing that everyone should get from it is that every mantra is to get the best out of us, and marathana mantra is just one of it kind that integrates simplicity and effectiveness. The word can be recited from anywhere, the only thing that matters the most the way in which we direct and compose our mind’s state when reciting. This composure gives the maximum yield when recital. The marathana mantra is widely practiced even today and has gained popularity among all age groups. The best comes out when the best is done better, and best of our health comes when best of mantra, Marathana mantra, is practiced better.


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Mantra mp3

“Mantra”, the magic word that was prevalent in the ancient times, has not yet lost its glory and relevance even in the modern times. The Mp3 format that is the modern way of hearing things, has imbibed into it the mantras too. The Mp3 format of mantra has astutely established the strong grip that mantras hold on people even today. The mantras are considered to be the natural sounds created from Mother Nature herself. And the quality of nature and its impact has certainly increased with the modern day format it has adapted to.
The mantras led the sages in their way to enlightenment, preventing them from any physical hurdles that their body or soul may be affected with. The Mp3 format has in itself established as the main and efficient way of sounds, in the present day world. Think what happens when two such nice qualities come together. It’s really an increase in productivity from both mantra and mp3 that is being assured hereby. So a person in the modern day environment has established himself supreme with both quality from mp3 and content (the mantra) helping him in his life. The level, to which the man kind develops from this stature of things, is still resting on the way we take and make use of such things.
So, the iPods not only entertain you now, but are also improving your health and improving the composure of your mind. The mantras were the key for the success stories and long lives of many great sages. Now it’s at our disposal and we can use it the way they did and make them work for us. Certain mantras are beneficial even when listened to, too. There is scientific evidence of such benefits bestowed upon many mantras; the researchers say that the syllables of mantra are quite unique in their own way. The mp3 format offers the portability and flexibility. We can even say that our health improvement tonic is just in out pockets.
The Mp3 format for mantras has come in as a boon for all of the religious activists out there as they don’t need to go in search for their favorite mantras on the web. There are many web sites of religious preachers at our aid. The mantras can just be downloaded and can be accessed on the go. The “mantra Mp3” is quickly becoming a magic word. “Mantra mp3” has replaced the single word “mantra” from the ancient days.
So, what are we to do, “just go for it!” says the practitioners, who have already been the beneficiaries of this rare collaboration between Mp3 and Mantra!


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