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Halloween is basically an annual holiday celebration spent during the night of the 31st of October. This celebration includes the activities of participating in traditional hayrides with haunted themes, visiting haunted houses, viewing horror films, attending costume parties and performing trick or treat activities.

The Halloween celebration was believed to have originated under the name of “Samhain”, which is a known Pagan festival among the Celts of Great Britain and Ireland. From this origination, the British and Irish immigrants had brought the versions of their traditions to the northern part of America during the time of nineteenth century. There are also western countries who had embraced the Halloween holiday as a part of their pop culture during the late twentieth century.

The Halloween holiday is being celebrated by different countries in the western world most likely in Ireland, United Kingdom, Puerto Rico, Canada, America, New Zealand, and Australia. It is also being celebrated in various parts of the Western Europe.

Aside from the abovementioned activities performed during the Halloween holiday, there are other festivities done such as playing children’s games of hide-and-seek, telling ghost stories and doing fireworks. Delicious recipes are also prepared during the celebration such as apple tarts, which are usually baked with a coin hidden inside and different kinds of nuts that are commonly used as the traditional Halloween fares. Some children used to play a game called the thunder and lightning where they knocked the doors of their neighbors and run away after knocking as if they are lighting. This game is known as the “knock-door-run”. Some even called it “knock-and-run” or “knock-knock-zoom-zoom”.

During the Halloween night, adults and children used to dress up like creatures of the underworld such as goblins, witches, zombies, ghouls, ghosts and many more. They even enjoy lighting bonfires and watching fireworks displays although some of it is usually illegal. They also knock from one neighbor’s door to another in order to gather sweets, nuts, and fruits for the Halloween festival. The children’s hairs are usually sprinkled on some salt to be able to protect them against evil spirits.

Houses during the Halloween celebration are usually adorned with turnips or pumpkins that are carved into different scary faces and decorated with lights or candles to provide some eerie effects. The traditional Halloween cake or fruit bread known as the “barmbrack” is also served during the celebration where every member of the family gets one slice of the bread. In every slice of the fruit bread, there is a hidden piece of rag, ring or coin and whoever gets it in his or her slice of bread, prosperity in financial matter will is about to happen. During Halloween celebration, getting a coin denotes a prosperous future while getting a ring is a sign of impending romance and continued happiness. Furthermore, a ring is usually included in most commercialized products of “barmbracks”.

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