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A thong can be made from plastic, leather or cloth. It is also known as a G-string. It is worn as a form of underwear or swimwear, it covers the genitals, through the buttocks and it is attached around the hips by a band. It can be worn by both men and women but is mostly common among women. A thong and a G-string might refer to the same thing but there is actually a slight difference between the two. A G-string usually has less cloth between the buttocks and legs but still has a string appearance. There are many different kinds of thongs available, some of the variety includes a V-string, this is when the cloth of the thong is in a V shape when worn, and the T-string is just a single band of material around the waist and through the buttocks, taking the shape of a T when worn.

The thong is probably the earliest form of underwear worn. Believe it or not, the thong was originally created for men to wear, but it now seems that more women wear the garment. Thongs are available in numerous styles, colors and sizes, they are also available with funky writing styles on the front, these are more casual, and then you get the lace ones that appear to be more sexy than casual.

A thong also makes a great gift for a woman, but be careful as not every woman likes to wear them; some think of it as being to revealing while others love the idea of wearing one. Also very sexy is the matching pieces, a thong with a matching bra. These are also available in different styles like solid, transparent and printed. Again, some looking casual and others sexy. Most women find this undergarment to be extremely comfortable but others will not and will prefer to wear normal panties.

Today, a thong can be bought for just about any age girl or women. Male thongs are also quite common, especially for swimwear purposes. Some men wear a thong or G-string as their everyday underwear garment while others will only wear it when swimming and some others will not wear it at all.

A thong is now a very popular kind of underwear that is worn by many men and women. Thongs have in the past raised concern among schools around the world when principals learned that girls as young as 10 wear wearing these undergarments to school.


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