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Celebrity thong

There is no specific celebrity thong. They don’t have a special thong made for celebrities to show off – if it ever gets to that, but celebrities go to the point of exposing their thongs to their fans and the media. Sometimes it is done unconsciously, but most of the times singers on stage wear pants so small and tight that when they do their twists and turns their thongs are exposed, and apparently they get their fans cheering for a “celebrity thong” you can find on a shelf. Suppose that when it is worn by a celebrity, it is a whole new different story.

Sometimes celebrities are unaware that they are being followed by the paparazzi. They should not forget this, and there are probably a few female celebrities that do not want their “celebrity thong” exposed and then published in a magazine under Celeb Exposed. A few of these celebrities know that they are being followed on a daily basis but they just don’t care if they show off a little thong.

Christina Aguilera has been seen many times on the Red Carpet with her thong sitting way up on her hips. This is obviously part of a fashion statement that she is trying to get through to her fans, and tomorrow it will be her fans that will be wearing their thongs high on their hips. Fortunately, Christina is not the only culprit to the exposing “celebrity thong”. Cameron Diaz has always been caught by the paparazzi on few occasions with an exposing thong. This just doesn’t seem to faze the celebrities, because if that is what it takes to make their names grow, then do it.

Another is Britney Spears, who wears the smallest pants onstage to impress her fans. Twists and turns of many of these female singers excite their fans and gets them roaring when the “celebrity thong” is exposed. Penelope Cruz and Nicole Kidman have also been caught with their pants hanging halfway off their hips and exposing a whale-tail.

Gabby Logan, the UK sports reporter has also been caught on live television with her deep-colored thong exposed. Fortunately, this was not done intentionally. Uma Thurman on the other hand has been caught by paparazzi bending down and exposing a black thong to proud cameras.

A celebrity walking down the Red Carpet with her thong exposed either has the gown and the thong to advertise or is trying to get the attention of the cameras and be the center of attention, but whatever the decision is a celebrity thong or not, it is all worn for the same reason, and the same goes when the person wearing it exposes it or not, intentionally or accidentally.


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