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Most common way of teen suicide

If a teen wants to commit suicide, he or she will find any means possible to inflict pain. There are many ways a teen can commit suicide, but surveys have shown the most common way of teen suicide. If a teen inflicts paper cuts on his or her body, which is known as frustration cuts, even that has to be taken seriously. It shows that the victim will inflict pain, and even though it is just frustration cuts today, tomorrow it will be gashes along the arteries.

The most common way for teen suicide, among males and females, differ in huge numbers. It is a known fact that firearms are available anywhere, and if you know where to look, you can find one, and most of the time it will come cheap. Drugs are another thing that can be found, and without searching. It is just a matter of asking around.

The most common way of teen suicide, when it comes to males and females is the firearm method, and this accounts for around 60% of suicides committed. Another fact is that about 80% of suicides committed with a firearm are by white males. The other most common way of teen suicide for men is hanging. Women on the other hand, the second most common way of teen suicide is self-poisoning and this also includes overdosing on drugs.

Owning a firearm or having one in the home is found to be an additional, free risk factor when it comes to suicide. When confronting an individual thinking of suicide or near the attempt of suicide, one should always make sure that all firearms are removed from the premises or there are no firearms on the premises.

A proven fact is that around four times as many men commit suicide and die by suicide than women. However, women try to commit suicide often in their lives compared to men, and the depression in women is higher. There are different methods of suicide among women and men. In countries around the world there are stronger chances that women will ingest lethal poisons than men around the world.

If you come across a person thinking about suicide it is important that you take whatever he or she says very, very seriously. Do not be judgmental. Listen to what the person is telling you and show that you understand how he or she is feeling. Get professional help for the patient.

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