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Thank You-Petition in support of The Red Arrows team 2012

I must thank everyone who so far have supported the petition.

Please let anyone know about it send them the link as we want

to submit a very large list to NO 10 Downing Street.

Many Thanks


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Teen suicide rate in USA

In 1997, around 10.6 out every 100,000 people died by suicide. That makes it approximately 31,000 suicides out of all deaths in the USA. Also, around 500,000 people received treatment in the USA for attempted suicide in 1996. The behavior of the persons attempting suicide is complex, because the factors of risking the attempt vary when it comes to age group and sex.

The teen suicide rate in the USA has increased in huge numbers over the years. Around four times as many men die by committing suicide than women, although women attempt suicide 3 or 4 times more often than men. The teen suicide rate in the USA shows that death by the means of a handgun is the most known method for females and males alike. Death by firearm in 1997 accounted for around 58% of all suicide deaths in the USA. This brings up another fact that 72% of those suicides were carried out by white males.

Teen suicide rate in the USA, over the past decades has shown that suicide among teens has increased in huge numbers. In ’97, suicide among teens was the third highest cause of suicide deaths in people aging between 15 and 24 years-old. This makes it 11.4 for every 100,000 persons dying by committing suicide. Suicide was also the cause of death to children aged between 10 and 14 years-old. This accounts for 303 suicide deaths out of 19,097,000 children in the 10 to 14 year-old age group. The teen suicide rate in the USA for teens aged between 15 and 19 accounted for 1,802 deaths by suicide out of 19,146,000 teens in the same age group. With young adults between the ages of 20 and 24 there were 2,384 deaths by suicide out of 17,488,000 people of the same age group.

As shown the teen suicide rate in the USA is undoubtedly high. The factors that cause suicide teens in the USA and also around the world include the abuse of lethal substances, separation of parents, sexual abuse and disruptive behaviors. Suicide attempts are not just a teen looking for attention and a person thinking of suicide should not be left unattended. Professional help and treatment is a must and should not be neglected. Things can be done to better the chances of a teen thinking of suicide, by just showing that you care and that you are prepared to help.


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Teen depression suicide

Teen depression suicide is an issue all over the world, some places it happens seldomely where as other places it is something that happens at least once a month. There can be many reasons for teen depression suicide, it could be depression from troubles at school, complications in the home life or it can even be due to the fact that the person was on drugs. When you are on drugs you don’t think about other people, let alone yourself. You don’t think about what kind of effect it will have on people when harming yourself or committing suicide. You are the only person that exists when you are in your own world and drugs just push you away from everybody that loves you and makes you believe that no one cares.

Drugs do increase the rate of teen depression suicide, many teenagers feel that they cannot cope anymore and think it will be better to end their lives. It does not matter what the circumstances are – there are people that love you!

Depression can be caused at school when the child feels they are not doing well and they cannot cope with the work load or it can be if they are a victim of bullies. Bullying is a common cause of teen depression suicide because the victims are too scared to tell anyone. Depression at home could be from a lot of things; divorce between the parents has a major effect on the children, constant fighting at home between parents is also a problem but the main reason for depression which sometimes eventually leads to teen depression suicide is an alcoholic parent. When parents consume enormous amounts of alcohol on a daily basis the children feel neglected and uncared for as it seems that the only thing the parent is concerned about is where their next bottle of alcohol is coming from. It sounds very harsh, but that is the disturbing reality of it.

Teen suicide depression can happen to any teenager, of any age and any gender. Both boys and girls may be victims of it. Depression can be overcome and suicide can only be prevented. When someone is depressed, they need full support from family and friends. They need to be told that they are loved and they are special. Depression can also be overcome by going to a rehabilitation centre; there they will help you see who you really are and how much you’re being on this earth means to others.


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Most common way of teen suicide

If a teen wants to commit suicide, he or she will find any means possible to inflict pain. There are many ways a teen can commit suicide, but surveys have shown the most common way of teen suicide. If a teen inflicts paper cuts on his or her body, which is known as frustration cuts, even that has to be taken seriously. It shows that the victim will inflict pain, and even though it is just frustration cuts today, tomorrow it will be gashes along the arteries.

The most common way for teen suicide, among males and females, differ in huge numbers. It is a known fact that firearms are available anywhere, and if you know where to look, you can find one, and most of the time it will come cheap. Drugs are another thing that can be found, and without searching. It is just a matter of asking around.

The most common way of teen suicide, when it comes to males and females is the firearm method, and this accounts for around 60% of suicides committed. Another fact is that about 80% of suicides committed with a firearm are by white males. The other most common way of teen suicide for men is hanging. Women on the other hand, the second most common way of teen suicide is self-poisoning and this also includes overdosing on drugs.

Owning a firearm or having one in the home is found to be an additional, free risk factor when it comes to suicide. When confronting an individual thinking of suicide or near the attempt of suicide, one should always make sure that all firearms are removed from the premises or there are no firearms on the premises.

A proven fact is that around four times as many men commit suicide and die by suicide than women. However, women try to commit suicide often in their lives compared to men, and the depression in women is higher. There are different methods of suicide among women and men. In countries around the world there are stronger chances that women will ingest lethal poisons than men around the world.

If you come across a person thinking about suicide it is important that you take whatever he or she says very, very seriously. Do not be judgmental. Listen to what the person is telling you and show that you understand how he or she is feeling. Get professional help for the patient.

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Teen suicide caused by bullying

There were cases of teen suicide caused by bullying. Bullying in schools has been going on for years around the world and has always been a problem. Bullies are the cowards that target quiet students, and it starts with a shoulder-knock or the victim being tripped and falling in the dirt. They usually start with something small; just to see if the target is going to retaliate. If the target does not, then he/she has just become another victim.

Bullying can last for many years, and during this time the only advice the victim has been given from a parent was, “Put your fists up”, or “Talk to the headmaster”. They have no idea how serious the problem is, and when the victim refuses to go to school, he/she is forced. The victim closes up and withdraws from the world. Nobody realizes how serious it actually is until they learn that is was a teen suicide caused by bullying.

Just imagine yourself sitting and having your lunch in the cafeteria and then getting knocked off your chair or getting a sandwich thrown in your face. Imagine sitting in class and getting smacked against your head with a textbook. Imagine this was you and this was happening to you day in and day out. Imagine how you would feel every morning when you have to go to school, terrified and knowing that the perpetrators can strike at any moment and humiliate you once again. Now imagine this was your child. You know how you would feel experiencing this on a daily basis. How is your child feeling? He/she is depressed and nothing is done about it. By the time you realize that this was a teen suicide caused by bullying, it will be too late to make your son or daughter’s life better at school.

A better term to describe teen suicide caused by bullying would probably be “bullycide”. Pay attention to your children’s behavior. Ask them how their day was and drop everything when they have a problem about school and would like to talk to you. You are there for a reason and you should not at all neglect their feelings. If they can’t turn to you for help they will find the easy way out and that will just bring grief and despondency. Let them know at all times that you are there to listen to them and solve any of their problems.


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4 steps to make a difference in teen suicide

Teen suicides are a terrible thing, these youngsters have so much more of life to explore, but they choose to end their lives instead of work through their problems as it seems to them that there is no alternative and that if they live they will always feel the same way.

Here are an easy 4 steps to make a difference in teen suicide:

1#: learn about teen suicide
The first of the 4 steps to make a difference in teen suicide is to know what you are doing. There are plenty websites one can visit to learn about teen suicide. Read about the warning signs, why teens would want to kill themselves, what are the most common ways in which a teen would take their life, the risk factors and just about anything else you can get your hands on, read it all. It is important. By knowing all of this you will also be able to identify a suicidal person and know how you might be able to help them.

Go talk to teens about suicide:
Once you have done all your research and you know everything you need to know, you can arrange with schools and colleges to go and talk to their children about suicide. Let the teenagers know of all the dangers and the effect suicide has on others. Also educate them on where they can get help if they are in this kind of situation and let them know that as much as they think everybody hates them, there are lots of people who love and care for them, even if they do not always show it.

Create your own support group:
You can even do it yourself, that way you at least know that the teens you spoke to about suicide will get the help they need if they come to you. This way you will also know that you are really making a difference. Imagine if you saw 20 different kids a day that wanted to commit suicide and you helped them work through their issues and now they are happier than ever before. If you did that every school day for one week you will have saved the lives of 100 teenagers. If you do it for a month you will have saved the lives of approximately 400 teenagers and in a year you would have saved 4800 teenagers lives. Now isn’t that something to be proud of?

By supporting them you are showing them that they are not alone:
Now these teenagers will see that there are many other individuals that feel the same way that they do. This will help them to understand that what they think is not stupid and they are not the only ones with the problem. This will also teach them to speak up about their problems. This is the last of the 4 steps to make a difference in teen suicide, and by doing this you will have made an enormous difference!


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