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Daily thong

There are quite a few websites that feature a daily thong on the internet. All it really is is a lot of girls wearing thongs. Then what happens is they get voted and the pic with the most votes gets to be the thong of the day. There are all different kinds of thongs like ones that go over the shoulders and come down to the buttocks, then there are the normal thongs, V-strings, T-strings and every other thong you can think of! All the models are also different, and are featured in different places making the picture unique and creative. In some of the pictures you can see the whole body of the model at the back or front and others will just be of the buttocks wearing a sexy thong.

If you would like to vote for the daily thong you may do so on any site that has this feature. On most sites in order to vote for a best picture you will have to be a member of the website. It is normally free to join and all the information they will ask is stuff like names and email addresses. If you would like to add a picture to the daily thong website to be voted, you may do so. Keeping in mind that millions of people are going to see this picture and you are going to be exposed to the world. If you are happy to do this, then go for it. Get the picture and send it in to the website where you would like it to be featured.

As long as you know and you understand that once the picture has been posted on the daily thong it cannot be removed and you will just have to deal with the fact that your butt is being shown to the world! It can also cause a few complications and mishaps if you do it without your family and friends knowing about it, even if you are old enough and do not live with your parents; they might still be disgusted by it and maybe will even be disappointed. So as long as you understand what you are getting yourself into and you know all the facts, then go for it.

You will be very happy if you get voted as the best for daily thong and I’m sure it will be loads of fun when people congratulate you! Just don’t let that head get too big!


October 1, 2007 - Posted by | Blogroll

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