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Christian anime

If you are interested in Christian Anime, there is a ton of different places that you can find information regarding the topic of Christian anime. However, in this article, I would like to take the time to tell you about the information that I learned about Christian anime on the internet. Keep in mind that when you are reading this article, that there are many sources on the internet in which you are able to learn information about the Christian Anime and also keep in mind that the information that you learn about may be different from the information that I have gotten.
When you ask the question about where you can actually find information about Christian Anime, it is important that you know that at the current time there is really no absolute true Christian Anime because of the fact that anime was made by the country of Japan and in Japan as well as the intents of Japan you will find that the purposes are known to be a pagan nation. When it comes to the prominent religions that are currently in Japan, you will see that they are mainly known as Buddhism as well Shintoism. In all actuality there are less than one percent of the people that are located within the country that actually claim that Christianity is their religion.
There have actually been studies done on Japanese animation that have actually been hired out to actually make children cartoons that are made of Christian groups, one of them is known as Superbook. When you think about the chances of Japan actually taking the steps to make a Christian anime, the chances really are that good at all. There are some chances that are practical but there is still the fact that they are not going to turn something into anime unless they are completely sure that it is going to sell. It is known that anything that relates to Christians doesn’t sell in Japan and this is based on the fact of the knowledge of the makers of the website that I was able to obtain this information from.
Also keep in mind that there are some chances that you may be tempted to actually believe that anime has Christianity in it because of the fact that the Japanese have no actual problem when it comes to writing in Christian elements in their individual stories.


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  2. It was great to find your site. ‘been a believer since ’76. My teenage son introduced me to anime. Some have been cute and funny, others were way out there with new age, all the isms, and pagan religions including I guess sorcery? Anyway, looking for wholesome clean, anime that isn’t set to a school age child. Although, the the most charming ones have been probably older animes, and probably for the younger set. We have watched, the third, some issues there but ok. beautiful music. we watched cl’annad, very funny, cute, sometimes a little over the top. we were watching “air”, had to stop, couldn’t take the pagan stuff etc. thanx 4 being there :O) Sue

    Comment by Sue | March 25, 2008 | Reply

  3. Anime is good, but I have to watch out about their message, sometimes.

    Comment by Natalie | March 7, 2009 | Reply

  4. we should surport the christian cartoonists here.

    Comment by samuel welsh | July 22, 2009 | Reply

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