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n case you are unaware of what anime stands for, the word anime is known to be the abbreviation for the word animation. When it comes to the countries that are outside of Japan, the word is known to most popularly refer to the animation that originates in Japan. However, if you travel to the west you will find that the word anime is not always considered as referring to animation but it is known to be considered what is known as a subset of animation.
There is some anime that is drawn by hand however there is also some that is computer assisted animation which has actually became very popular over the years. When it comes to anime, it is just like any other entertainment medium in which the actual story lines are used to actually represent the major genres of the actual fiction. There are many ways that you can watch anime because of the fact that it is broadcasted on television as well as distributed on media that is often known as DVD as well as VHS and it is also included in the video games that are played by adults as well as children. There is some anime that is even produced as motion pictures that are full length. It is known that anime actually draws its influence from what is known as manga as well as light novels and certain other cultures as well.
There have also been some anime storylines that have actually been adapted into what is known as live action films as well as television series. The actual history of anime is known to have begun in the very beginning of the twentieth century, which was the actual time that the Japanese filmmakers were experimenting with the techniques of animation that were at the time being explored in other countries such as France and Germany as well as Russia and the United States as well. The reason that animation really became popular in Japan was because of the fact that it provided what is known as an alternative format when it came to storytelling whereas when compared to the undeveloped industry of live action that was currently being used within Japan.
In the United States as that time the live action industry had a generous budget, whereas the country of Japan had a small market and they also suffered from budgeting problems as well as location and not to mention the restrictions that were placed on the casting.


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