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Thong models

Whether you are browsing the sites or paging through magazines, you will always find the slimmest girls modeling in the clothes. In the case of thong models, these women are chosen only because they have the nice butts to go with the thongs, and because of their “nice” butts the product will sell, or the models will receive countless reviews from site surfers complimenting her on how good she looks in the thong featured.

Thong models in a few magazines will wear the very best thongs in their pictures and the next thing the thong is dangling around one ankle, ripping the mind of the person interested in the thong away from the advertised garment and now forces the person to concentrate more on the thong model’s semi-naked body exposed under thin sheets. This has been encountered in a few top fashion magazines. If that is not the case, adding a man to the shoot to hold the thong model’s buttocks while she shows the viewer that it is a T-shape or V-shape thong.

Advertising and pornography has never been far apart in the world on fashion and in the porn industry. Here are the similarities. Thong models advertising a featured piece of garment seldom starts the shoot off with her posing in a sheer nightgown, silk pants or a pair of jeans from a top brand. The shoot will continue and eventually the clothes will disappear and the reason for the shoot will come in … the thong, and this will leave the browser of the magazine with one question after the models undress and keep on only the thong and something to cover the breasts, “Why couldn’t you just remove everything?” In the porn industry, models will pose wearing a thong in a few pictures and then completely lose the garment

Thong models in both industries have the same two things in common: they both advertise and they both excite. An audience brings money to the company, and the only way they can make money is if they advertise the right way; a right way that attracts people, and in this case the right way is to excite. Things that excite attract – and attraction makes one spend more time on a site or purchase more editions of the magazine and this way the thong models are in great demand and the company makes more money and the thong models become rich.


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