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Pop punk music

In the following article, I would like to take the time to tell you about pop punk music. I know that there are many people throughout the world that are interested in learning about different areas and styles of music so that is one of the reasons that I am going to take the time to tell you about a couple of things that I think you will be interested in knowing. Pop punk which is also commonly referred to as punk pop is known to be a fusion genre in which it actually combines the elements that are associated with punk rock with the elements that are associated with pop music to certain degrees.
During the nineteen eighties as well s the early part of the nineteen nineties this particular genre of music was actually developed in several different cities across the entire world despite the fact that is was known to be largely based in California. The actual sound that was behind this genre of music was able to break into the mainstream back in nineteen ninety four when there was the multi platinum success that was associated with Green Say’s Dookie as well as The Offspring’s Smash. There are also many other pop punk bands that have also been able to achieve great success, they are known as Blink-182 as well as Sum 41 and Good Charlotte. Let’s not forget about Simple Plan as well as Yellowcard and the Fall Out Boy.
You may find it hard sometimes to decide the difference between pop punk rock and other genres of music. Here is a couple of genres of music that you may find it hard to distinguish between the two, art rock as well as college rock and dance pock. Not to mention emo as well as frat rock and garage punk. There are other genres as well that are known as indie pop and indie rock as well as mod revival and new wave. You may also have a hard time determining the difference between pop punk rock and pop rock as well as post punk and power pop not to mention ska punk and skate punk as well as surf rock as well as twee pop. There are also some of the British acts of pop punk that have actually been lumped in some way with the Britpop bands which consist of Elastica as well.


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