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Pearl thong

A pearl thong is more for the ladies that like to show what they have, and show it in style. What makes the pearl thong different from any other thong is the way it is made. When normal thongs are made it is in such a way that the material is relatively the same all along the thong, like a T-string for example. But with the pearl thong there is quite a wide strip of material or transparent lace that goes around the hips, then instead of the string that normally goes in between the buttocks, there is a string of pearls. This looks very pretty on a lady and many women purchase them for show because they are so attractive.

A pearl thong is available in many different colors and types, and some have matching pearl bras. These thongs can be purchased in many stores and online. Some are made from solid materials while others are lace and transparent. So if you like the pearl thong but you think that it is too revealing for you, you can go for one with full front coverage. The sets are also beautiful if you think you have the body to flaunt it, or even better if you would just like it to wear at home for a romantic evening with your partner.

Because these are such sexy pieces, wearing a pearl thong in public, like on a public beach, is not such a great idea if you do not want major attention. And not all of the attention will be positive either. These thongs are more for the ladies that like to show off in their own environment for their loved one, and not so much of a public display.

Online shopping is great when it comes to purchasing a pearl thong, this way you are still able to see the item you are interested in buying, and if you are the shy type, there will be absolutely no reason for you to be shy as no one can see you and what you are purchasing. You can also browse hundreds of different pages containing pearl thongs and choose the ones you like best. You don’t have to get tired walking around in the stores trying to decide what to buy. You can browse and read pages for as long as you want to.

So there is nothing stopping you from getting the pearl thong that you have always wanted.


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Sisqo thong song

Sisqo’s real name is Mark Althavan Andrews; he was born in Baltimore, Maryland on the 9th of November 1978. He is a very well known R&B singer and actor and is mostly known for being the lead singer of the band Dru Hill. He’s first solo LP is called “unleash the dragon”. It is on this LP that the popular Sisqo thong song is featured. The “Thong Song” became very popular and created a craze about thong underwear as well as bathing suits. He got the nickname “Sisqo” from his friends in his neighborhood when he was young as they said his light curly hair made him look as though he was Latino.

The Dru Hill group consisted of four members, Sisqo himself, James “Woody” Green, Tamir “Nokio” Ruffin and Larry “Jazz” Anthony. The group first started when Sisqo met James in middle school. In 1999 James left the group to pursue a solo career and the other three group members decided to do the same. In the year of 2000, the group was set to be reunited but certain conflicts within the members prohibited the plan from taking action and the solo careers went on to success.

The Sisqo “Thong Song” as well as another song from Sisqo called “Incomplete” were big hits when it came to the Billboard Hot 100 charts, where the Sisqo “thong Song” made it to number 3 and “incomplete” took the number 1 spot. Sisqo’s success earned him a doll of himself which he was very proud of! Well, who could blame him? I think there are many people who will be more than happy to walk into a store and see themselves on a shelf in plastic selling at a nice price.

Sisqo is featured in six Films, in the year 2000 it was Sisqo’s Shakedown, in 2001 he was in Get Over It, in 2002 he was in the popular series of Sabrina The Teenage Witch, also in 2002 he featured in the film Snow Dogs, in 2003 he was in a film called Pieces Of April and in 2006 he starred in the film Surf School.

The Sisqo thong song is a great song if you are into R&B, it’s just a pity that there aren’t that much more albums from this very talented star. Although the Sisqo Thong Song is rather old now, it still rocks! But then again, what song of Sisqo’s doesn’t rock?


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Thong bikini models

There are hundreds of thong bikini models around these days, most of which are young girls. Some have always dreamed of this kind of career while others just happened to land up doing it as they had nothing else lined up. Thong bikini models can be of any color skin, but they do have to be over the age of 18. They also have to have a nice thin good-looking body and preferably a pretty face. It sounds harsh, but the truth is, if you have none of these traits you are going to have to find something else as your career choice. Thong bikini models can be in magazines, newspapers, billboards, on television and on the internet, so in a way you can say they are famous.

Thong bikini models might be in the line of work because they want to, it could be that they need the money or it could be fulfilling their dream of being on television etc, where millions of people can see them and where they are considered famous and admired by thousands, if not millions of people. Some people have their favorites when it comes to looking at pictures of thong bikini models and others just look at the pictures for fun. They model all kinds of different thong bikinis in the hope of others purchasing the pieces, but when others look at such pictures you will find that it is not the bikini they are interested in, but the half-naked women wearing it. Since when do men wear bikinis anyway?

If you have hopes and dreams of becoming a model, try and not go for becoming a thong bikini model. Not that there is anything wrong with it, well that’s if you don’t mind the whole world looking at your naked buttocks and other semi-naked parts of your body. Your body is precious, you should keep it to yourself and one day when you meet the right man, it can be shared. Although, some girls don’t think that way and they will prefer to become a thong bikini model, well then good for them. At least they will be doing what they always dreamt of doing. If that is your dream, go for it. If you are not yet 18 years old, wait until you are and then succeed and go for gold!

Sometimes it is not always easy to become a thong bikini model but other times it is. If you have the body and looks you need, then go for it. If you don’t, work towards it, then go for it!


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Thong contest

When one hears that there is going to be a thong contest happening at this place and on that date, dust will rise as people run to go and see women modeling up and down a catwalk in their sexy thongs, and at the same time get whistled at from roaring crowds.
A thong contest is when the contestants walk up and down the catwalk and are judged by the way they look in thongs. Something like this can get any crowd roaring and applauding with excitement.

In order to participate in a thong contest the contender has to have a good body, preferably a pretty face, but the most important thing you must steal is the judges attention by doing your best and also attracting so much attention from them. This way you will receive high points and be the winner of the contest.

Another thong contest is done in the offices or work places. This was just created by the work staff and there are no judges involved. Well, there is one. The rule of the contest is to have all the females in the office to do everything they can to out-do the next girl in the office by exciting the chosen male. If the male – who is also now the judge of the thong contest – enjoys the performance of a certain girl she is the winner.

In this thong contest the women are not to undress but excite the man as much as they can by just showing off their thongs. So in this thong contest, the style and color of the thong are important, because color and style do matter. Oh yes, a good figure and rolling of the hips are important and will help you out-do the next girl.

That is a thong contest, and as a person one can receive good ratings and obviously find lots of friends. Those that don’t mind their thongs showing in public have to remember that it is not a thong contest you are attending. If you want to expose your thong enter a thong contest, and that way you will have all the eyes staring at you and all the men complimenting you all the way down the street.

A thong contest can be fun knowing that you are going up against other beautiful women in front of hundreds of people, and this can be enjoyable. In addition, when you walk away with the prize at the end of the contest it is the best thing ever because you have just proved that you look better than anyone else in a thong.


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Thong battle

A thong battle is when a whole bunch of girls put on their best thongs and model them. Then all the pictures get voted to see which is the best. You will sort through lots of different pictures of hot girls in their skimpy underwear and when you are finished drooling you can make the difficult decision of choosing only one of the girls which you think is the best out of the lot. A thong battle is kind of new to the internet and there are only a few places where these votes can take place. So go on, vote for some booty!

If you think you have what it takes to be in a thong battle and you have a sexy thong and a gorgeous body that you think the world deserves to see, get someone to take a hot pic of you in your thong and send it in to the email address that can be found on the site of your choice. But remember that when you send in your pic, all the pics that are received will be sorted through and only the best will be featured in the thong battle. So you have to make sure that you look like a million dollars! Be as sexy as can be and wear something that will make people stop and look.

Being a contestant in a thong battle can be fun, but remember that everyone who has access to the internet (which is just about everyone these days) will be able to see you half-naked. Not that everyone who has the internet will look at your picture but there is a possibility. So if you don’t like the idea of your butt being posted on the net and millions of people having access to see it when ever they feel like it, it is suggested that you do not enter. Once you enter and your pic is there, there’s no turning back.

So if you would like to participate in a thong battle, first think about all the pro’s and con’s of this and if after that you would still like to enter, then do so. Just make sure you know of the consequences. You might thing it’s cool to be part of a thong battle, but think about it first. Think of all the people that will see you with barely any clothes on, family, and friends any one that surfs the net.


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Hot thong


If you are looking for a hot thong, there are many that you can choose from, they range in different colors, styles and sizes. There is one to suit everybody, male and female. When you talk about a hot thong, it is most likely not going to be one that looks like it can be worn on a casual occasion or as an everyday undergarment. But probably one that looks sexier and somewhat revealing. A good example of a hot thong would be one made from lace, this is sometimes transparent and sometimes not. So depending on what exactly you are looking for and what the occasion is, you can choose.

A hot thong can be different according to the type of person that is going to be wearing it. It can refer to many different types of thongs. A hot thong is a great gift for a girlfriend or wife; they will appreciate the thought and the hint! There doesn’t have to be a special day like her birthday or Valentines Day, buy her a hot thong just for no reason if you wish to do so. She will appreciate that even more, and it could even spice up your bedroom and private life a bit, you never know! A hot thong goes great with a box of chocolates or a bottle of Champaign, and proves to bring a night of unforgettable fun.

An easy way to shop for a hot thong, or any other kind, is on the internet. Some women are even embarrassed to walk into a store and buy themselves a thong and even worse, a man will very seldom walk into a women’s underwear shop and purchase a thong. This is why a lot of the time these purchases are done online, it is easier than going into a store where people are likely to look at you in a strange way if you are a man in a women’s underwear store. Some men won’t care, but others will not do this kind of shopping for their significant other due to these reasons.

When purchasing a hot thong online you can see pictures of the item you are interested in, therefore it makes no difference if you go into a store or if you sit in front of your computer to purchase it. The only difference might be that you will be saving yourself a lot of time by doing it online as you will not have to leave the house and you will still get the piece you want.


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