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In case you are unaware of what YouTube is, it is known as a very popular website that is used for video sharing. YouTube is a website that the visitors can go to and take the time to upload as well as view and also share the video clips. The videos can also be rated in which the average rating along with the actual number of times that a certain video has been watched is then published. YouTube was actually founded in the month of February of the year two thousand and five. YouTube was then founded by three of the former employees of the company PayPal. In all actuality this company uses Adobe Flash forms of technology to actual display the video and is also San Bruno based as well.
You will find that if you visit the YouTube website that the information that is on the website includes movie as well as TV clips and also videos of music. You will also be able to find amateur content known as video blogging as well as the short videos that are original. Overall, YouTube staffs about sixty seven employees overall. In the year of two thousand and six, the company was also named the invention of the year by Time Magazine. When it comes to the users of the site, if you are an unregistered user you will only be able to watch the videos that are on the site presently, whereas if you are a registered user you will actually be able to upload what is known as an unlimited amount of videos.
In the upper right hand area of the video you will also see a listing of the videos that are related to the one that you have chosen, this can be determined by the title as well as the tags. During the second year that YouTube was in operation they were able to add a feature where you can actually give them a post video response and you can also subscribe to the content feeds for an individual user or different users. The individuals that are behind this wonderful thought are known as Chad Hurley as well as Steve Chen and also Jawed Karim, which are indeed the founders of YouTube and are also the former employees of PayPal. You know it takes great minds to be able to develop something that is so creative.


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