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Thong gallery

A thong gallery is where one is able to find hundreds of women posing in all kinds of thongs. The galleries allow the audience to view the thong from different angles, and also see the models wearing different colors of the thong. This is one thong gallery you could find in a magazine, and if you are lucky you are able to come across a few good sites of models advertising thongs and only the thongs.

It will surprise one to know how many thongs are available, and all the styles and colors of the thongs. You have all types of women posing in these thongs, and with all types comes different ages: teenagers, matures and so forth. On specific thong gallery show models dressed respectably and exposing their thongs, and the way they are exposing these pieces – and because of the styles of the thong – makes one think that maybe they are designed to be showed off.

One might think that this is the reason, then in another thong gallery one might come to a conclusion that these thongs are not made to be exposed. Some women wearing these thongs have actually no idea that their thongs are being exposed, because when they do realize this they are very quick at covering it up. When you come to draw the line, it is the truth that the clothing some women wear in public: the low cut pants, the micro skirt and the tight jeans, that no matter what they do their thongs are going to be exposed by sitting and crossing their legs or bending down and picking up something.

It is like these women know that their thongs are exposed but they are just not fazed by that fact. They dress to get attention, and wearing a sexy thong attention is probably what they are going to get.

So what does that say about thongs in general? Well, certain reviews for a specific thong gallery show that women exposing their thongs intentionally are looking for attention, and wearing pieces of strings like that they are getting it. They get the attention in night clubs from complete strangers when they are on the dance floor.

In the end it is not the thong that attracts but how the person wears it. Five men won’t be attracted to a thong on a shelf, but will be attracted to a woman that just passed them wearing one.


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