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MFI ‘Violent ad banned

A TV advert for MFI that ‘trivialised’ domestic violence has been banned after hundreds of viewers complained. The commercial showed a couple arguing after the man left the toilet seat up. The woman shouted ‘You’ve done it again,haven’t you? before hitting her parntner twice. It then emerged the scene took place in an MFI showroom. The company said the the advert was ‘humourous’ but 217 people complained-including a victim of domestic violence who described the clip as ‘offensive, shocking and disturbing’. the Advertising Standards Authority upheld the complaints and said the ad was likely to cause ‘widespread offence’ and could be seen to ‘condone domestic violence’.

This was reported in the press this morning and my answer in reply is what a load of bollocks.

How many men have been nagged, slapped and abused over this issue ever since the bog seat was invented?

Women never lift the seat up for us when they have finished.

As for the 217 people who complained, they are the ones who probably sit in front of the TV all day with nothing else better to do in their sad petty lives than complain. 

As for ‘offensive, shocking and disturbing’ as cited by the victim of domestic violence it is not the TEXAS CHAIN SAW MASSACRE we are talking about but a tongue in cheek advert. 

I also dislike this type of news when someone who is supposedly a victim of domestic violence states that fact as the basis of their complaint.

I can only express my sympathy to any victim of this abuse. I do wonder how this individual put this fact forward as anybody can offer this as the basis of complaint without a single shred of evidence.

Advertising Standards Authority upheld the complaints as listed above. they are another bunch of complete morons who will always pander to a miniscule minority.

Any complaints authority should be very careful when stating these so called allegations. 

Finally, I for one really enjoyed the MFI  showroom ads they show a very good observation of family life. 


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