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The Lords destroy bid to keep MPs’ expenses secret

The Lords destroy bid to keep MPs’

expenses secret

Taken from an article by and clarifies my money grabbing MP article.


An attempt to hide MPs’ expenses from the public was in tatters last night.

Tory MP David Maclean’s controversial Bill to exempt MPs from the Freedom of Information Act failed to win the support of a single member of the House of Lords by a deadline of 5pm yesterday.

The collapse was hailed by opponents as a triumph for democracy over the self-interest of politicians.

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David Maclean

MP David Maclean has until today to find House of Lords support for his bill

It followed an outcry at the prospect of

denying constituents the right to see how much their MP was spending on travel expenses and other allowances.

Nearly 100 MPs, including at least 20 Ministers, voted last month in favour of the Private Member’s Bill, which would have shrouded details of their taxpayer-funded expenses in secrecy. Just 25 MPs opposed it.

Mr Maclean needed just one willing peer to sponsor his Freedom of Information (Amendment) Bill in the Lords by yesterday – but the support was not forthcoming.

Liberal Democrat leader in the Lords, Lord McNally, said that it was now highly unlikely that ‘this squalid little Bill’ would ever reach the Statute Book.

‘We are happy that this Bill will not become law. It speaks volumes that no member of the House of Lords was prepared to support this legislation,’ he said.

Even if it had found a sponsor the Lords would have defeated it in a vote, he added.

Labour MP and civil liberties campaigner David Winnick said he was ‘absolutely delighted’ that the Bill had failed to find a sponsor.

‘It is unfortunate that it has been left to the second chamber to hopefully bury this nasty Bill. I only hope that no further attempt will be made to revive the measure,’ he said.

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No wonder the Commons is trying to abolish the Lords. The Lords have the sense and intelligence which is dangerously lacking in the money-grabbing parasites in the Commons.

– Lezli Taubler, London, UK

I withraw previous criticisms of the House of Lords. It just earned its keep.

– R M, London, UK

Any MP who voted for this bill must have something to hide and therefor should be blackballed from the house. Well done the Lords… Lordy, Lordy…

– Epimethean, Divided Kingdom

Re: W Joseph’s comment “all we need to do now is kick out the Blarite croonies who were put into the house and return the hereditary peers.”

An astonishing suggestion. The hereditaries represented only themselves, a small group within society with very specific interests. Doesn’t W Joseph remember how they flocked in to vote themselves massive reductions in the rates on their estates, to pass the burden onto less well off people in the poll tax? We now have a House of Lords where no party has an absolute majority, where once the Tories had an in-built supermajority.

– J David Morgan, Rugby, UK

Thank you House of Lords… all we need to do now is kick out the Blarite croonies who were put into the house and return the hereditary peers. Paradoxical as it may seem, they protect democracy as they’re impartial because of the fact that their position in the upper chamber is unassailable whereas the life peers, well, we all the cash for peerage scandal.

– W Joseph, British Expat

How ironic (don’t ya think) that our un-elected House is so much better than at holding our elected representatives to account than MPs are themselves!

So when will GB announce his plans for reforming the Lords?

– Al, Reading

Is an MP’s motto “No expense spared… especially when the public are paying for it”. Hiding expenses would have been an abuse of office as far as I am concerned.

– Dan, Manchester

Good Lords.

– Frederico, Westminster

A very good case for keeping the House of Lords as it is.

– Mike Melbourne, Bedford

Good, certain MP’s seem to spend their time spending taxpayers money on frivolous and pointless items and journey’s.

– Trevor Roll, London

No wonder Bliar wanted to abolish the Lords.

– Givenuphope, London

David Maclean – the man with the crook!

Typical of him to try and hide what MP’s have been up to.

Well done to the House of Lords.

– Peter Hooper, Windsor. Berkshire.

Now one can understand why the Government wants to reform the House of Lords.

– Threaded, Roskilde, Denmark

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Money Grabbing British MP’S

Dispatches:Nice Work If You Can Get It. Channel 4. 

This was a real eye opener to the total disregard that British MP’s have towards the electorate in regard to their so called expenses and pensions.

The corruption of power beggars belief. When you can claim overnight allowances for staying in London and effectively pay for a second home in London or your constituency up-to £23,000 a year and the best part not even taxable which in effect is worth £40,000

and not even have to submit receipts unless over £250 is a very nice salary increase.

With this really handy perk you can get a mortgage of about £400,00 paid for of course by us the tax paying suckers.

Another great rip-off is pensions where MP’s have the best gilt edged and safest pension in the land. Due to the large increases which they award themselves the funding pot is not large enough to sustain the outlay so why not top it off with yet more of our tax money to keep it going.

Not forgetting of course the Prime Minister Gordon Brown who was then Chancellor of the Exchequer who raided our pensions with the dividend tax and wiped off billions of pension fund net worth and is responsible for the crisis that pension funds have faced for a decade. Not to worry though were all right Jack!

The so called committees that are supposed to keep checks and balances are either filled with the inner circle cronies or disregarded totally and sacked if they actually try to their jobs.

A case in point is the National Audit Office who are supposed to be independent of government and are there to report on how our taxes is being spent good or bad.

Yet another abuse of power at play was the reporting of the National Health IT scheme which is without doubt a total waste of £12,000,000,000 (added the zero’s for effect) and does not even work.

The first report was changed as it did not show the government in a favourable light.

When the statement was read out in the House of Commons that the project was on time and in budget was a total lie to the British people.

This project was years behind schedule, out of date and grossly over budget, but due to the stubbornness of Blair and Brown who could not or would scrap the project because of their pride stuck to it at a very heavy price for us all. This was another example of the billions of pounds wasted every year by complete and utter idiots. Politicians do not make not make very good businessmen unless to feather their own nests.

As you may note this subject really does make me angry and will continue to do so as it long as these abuses of power go on. Do not expect any change soon.

Sorry for my poor journalistic skills but I write from the heart.




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