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Do not buy ‘Article Infuser’ Unless……. 

My first article is about the worst customer service on the net I have come across so far and thats saying something.

I purchased Article Infuser some months ago and it is still not operational yet.

When you open it on your desktop you have to enter an activation code which is sent to you after purchase. This is where it all started to go wrong as the activation code did not work.

Ok, I submitted a ticket through the help desk for help and confirmation on the code.

Received an answer after about 4 days to say that the activation on record was correct.

If this was the case why submit a ticket in the first place (A lot of help desk representatives are not employed for their mental prowess) if it works.

Followed that up with yet another ticket to say and confirm the code is duff.

2 weeks later finally received a reply with another code and that did not work either.

Really doing well so far.

My next ticket submission was to ask for a new download and code as the version I have must be faulty.

Yet another week waiting and when I get the reply to login to the helpdesk to view the answer with a Name-Password that does not work either.

It is without a doubt a very poorly run organisation with no incentive to deal with or address customer support issues.

I would urge potential customers to be aware of possible hurdles when dealing with this company.

If any representaive from wishes to comment please do. 


September 19, 2007 - Posted by | Blogroll

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